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3 Star Umrah Package 7 & 10 Nights (December 2016, Jan, Feb, Mar 2017)

7/10 Nights
3 Star 7 Nights Umrah Package Flight (Middle East Airline / Royal Jordan Airline) MAKKAH 3* Dar Al Eiman Sud  /  Dar Al Eiman Khalil  /  Burj Al...
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4 Star Umrah package 7 & 10 Nights (December 2016, Jan, Feb, Mar2017)

7/10 Nights
4 Star 7 Nights Umrah Package Flight (Middle East Airline / Royal Jordan Airline) MAKKAH 4* Dar Al Eiman Ajyad  /  Dar Al Eiman Grand  /  Elaf...
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5 Star Umrah Package 7 & 10 Nights (December 2016, Jan, Feb, Mar 2016)

Direct Flight (Saudi Airline / British Airline) MAKKAH 5* Pullman Grand Zam Zam  /  Royal Dar Al Eiman Al Safwa Tower  /  Al Marwa Rotana  / ...
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Umrah Visa December 2016 and Umrah Season 2017

Umrah Visa processing will start insha-Allah towards end of November 2016 and early December. Pilgrims will start to travel for umrah from...
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3 Star 12 Nights Ramadan 2017 Package £995

12 Nights
3 Star 12 Nights Ramadan Package Flight (Etihad Airways) First Makkah MAKKAH 3* (Room Only) Dar Al Eiman Sud / Dar Al Eiman Khalil MADINAH 4*...
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4 Star 2nd Ashra Ramadan 2017 Package

12 Nights
4 Star 12 Nights Ramadan Package Flight (Etihad Airways) First Makkah MAKKAH 4* (Room Only) Dar Al Eiman Grand / Dar Al Eiman Ajyad MADINAH 4*...
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Cheap Umrah Packages 2017: Significance of Hajj and Umrah

Umrah Packages 2017

(Updated on 24 August 2016)

Hajj (the holy pilgrimage) means to visit the sacred house of ALLAH in Makkah Mukaramah during Hajj days (8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th of Zil Hijjah). Hajj is fifth religious duty of Muslims. It’s a basic pillar of Islam. It erases the past sins of pilgrim. Hajj is among social act of worship and has great importance both spiritually and socially. Among all acts of worship hajjis the only one for which a complete Surah is revealed in Holy Quran. Importance of hajj can be gauged from following facts:
• Hajj frees mankind from all sins of past.
• It’s a kind of Jihad (holy crusade) of weak and women.
• It removes poverty as blacksmith’s furnace separates dross from iron.
• The reward of hajj accepted by ALLAH Almighty is nothing but paradise.
• ALLAH Almighty forgives “Hajji” (the pilgrim) and those too for whom he prays.
Once the Holy Prophet was asked: “What is the best work? He said: “Faith in God, Jihad in the way of God and an accepted Hajj.
According to Quran:

  • “Pilgrimage to the house of Allah is a bounded duty of mankind for him who has the means to find the way to there, and whosoever disbelieves, and then verily Allah is free and Independent from the entire universe.”

Holy Prophet PBUH mentioned:

  •  “The one who leaves his home for Hajj and dies in the way will keep gaining the reward of every year’s Hajj till the Doomsday. He will not be made to account for his doings on the Judgment Day and will be entered into heavens without reckoning.”
  •  “One who possesses wealth and has all the means by which he could reach the Sacred House of Allah (the Ka’bah) and yet does not perform Hajj, he then may either die as a Nasraani (Christian) or a Majoos (fire-worshipper).”

Upon Whom Hajj is Farz (conditions)
Hajj is obligatory for every Muslim once in lifetime when he is free, accountable and can afford to reach Makkah and return to his home. There are certain conditions which are obligatory to perform hajj:
• To be a Muslim
• To be mentally and physically fit. Hajj is not obligatory on insane and handicapped person.
• To be a free person(not to be a slave)
• To be able to afford all expenses of Hajj and also have sufficient provision for one’s dependant, e.g. Children, wife
• Women must be accompanied by her husband or Mehram.
The Prophet of God (S.A.W.) said to Imam Ali (A.S.): O Ali, someone who is able to do Hajj but he avoids doing it is a great sinner.

Umrah is Sunnate Muakkadah to perform it once in lifetime. It can e performed throughout the year however an Umrah performed during Ramadan is superior to other days. As Holy Prophet PBUH mentioned, “An Umrah performed during Ramadan is equal (in reward) to performing Hajj with me.”
There are four pillars of Umrah:
1. Entering the state of Ihram.
2. Tawwaf is circumambulation around Holy Ka’bah.
3. Sa’y is fast walking round hills of Safa and Marwa.
4. Tahlul-lul which means comes out of state of Ihram.
Umrah can be performed any time during the year. It is Sunnah of Holy Prophet neither imperative nor mandatory. Umrah has great reward.
According to Holy Prophet:
It Is Obligatory at least once in a lifetime as found in this Hadith
‘Aa’ishah said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, do women have to engage in jihad?’ He said, ‘yes, they must do jihad in which there is no fighting: Hajj and ‘Umrah,’ Ibn Maajah
In another Hadith, the Prophet (SWS) says:
One Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and another Umrah. (Bukhari, Muslim)
The Prophet (S) said:
“The performers of Hajj and Umrah are deputations of Allah (SWT). If they call Him, He answers them and if they seek His forgiveness, He forgives them.”
Like Hajj, the act of Umrah is amongst the best deeds one can perform when pleasing Allah (swt). Allah (SWT) loves those who strive in his path in hopes of pleasing Him alone and Umrah is an act in which Allah (SWT) considers the pilgrim to be answering His call.
Ibne Umar (R) narrates that Prophet (S) said, ‘The warrior in the cause of Allah, the pilgrim and the one who is performing Umrah are all the delegation of Allah. He called them and they responded and they will ask of His bestowals and He will give it to them.’

Concluding remarks:

Dear brothers and sisters Hajj and Umrah are the favorite deeds which could be done to make ALLAH Almighty happy. So they should be done with sole intention of performing it for the sake of Allah; it should not be for worldly praise or to gain worldly profits but it’s an obligation upon all Muslims who can afford it.
May Allah bless all of us to perform this act of worship Ameen.