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Benefit of going for Umrah in December, Umrah Significance and Perfect Umrah Offers for December 2023

Why Lot of People Choose Month of December to go for Umrah?

The month of December in Saudi Arabia is the most pleasant time of year. The weather is very cool and comfortable. A lot of people worldwide opt to perform Umrah during December because of the low temperature.

If you are planning an umrah trip around December than you are in for a spiritually inspiring and life changing experience. Because of the cooler weather you will be able to perform Tawaaf effortlessly. December also is a great time for school going children or working parents to take their children for Umrah because of the extended winter and New Year vacations. During December many families make the Umrah trip from their native home lands and because of the holidays they are easily able to manage their time in Makkah and Madina with their children.

 So if you want to embark on this sacred journey with you loved ones than has got the perfect packages for you!

 The Significance of Umrah

Every Muslim is well aware that Umrah is the 2nd pilgrimage in Islam. Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, except during the Hajj time. The very first umrah was performed by the beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in 629 CE. 2000 of the newly reverted Muslims of Makkah and Madina also performed Umrah along with him.

The importance of Umrah is as follows:

  • It allows Muslims to develop a closeness to Allah and the Prophet (PBUH)
  • It washes away all previous sins and wrongdoings
  • It guides towards the right path of Islam
  • It helps in establishing the 5 daily prayers
  • It is a great means to get the mercy and blessings of Allah

These are just some of the reasons why Muslims long to perform the Umrah, and many may plan for it well in advance.

Our Packages For December 2023

When you choose to book your Umrah with you can be confident that you are getting the best services, within your budget. We go the extra mile to ensure the comfort of all our customers, because we want you to relax and focus only on your prayers.

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 All our packages cover:

  • Visa processing
  • Tickets and flight bookings
  • Hotel accommodation
  • On ground transport in the Kingdom

 The details of our packages are as follows:

  • 3* packages with hotels like Baitul Ajyad Hotel and Reefaf Al Sultan Hotel
  • 4* packages with hotels like Retaj Al Rayan Hotel and DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton Makkah
  • 5* packages with hotels like Le Meridian Hotels and M by Millennium Hotel

 We also provide:

  • Individual packages
  • Family packages
  • Group packages
  • DIY package

The DIY package is an interesting new addition to our services. It allows you to customize each and every facility available according to your own needs and requirements.

 The duration of your stay in the Holy Land can also be customized from anywhere between 7-14 days.

Your Itinerary

 Your stay in Makkah and Madina will be one of the most cherished times in your life. Upon your arrival in Jeddah, you will be escorted to your hotel in Makkah. You are now free to spend your time in Makkah as you please.

 When your days in Makkah come to an end, you will be transferred to Madina. In the beloved city of the Prophet (PBUH), you can visit the Rowda of the Prophet to pay your salaams, and spend your time praying in the Grand mosque of the Prophet (PBUH).

 When your trip comes to an end, you will be taken to the airport from where you will depart for the UK.


 Ziaraat are an important part of the Umrah trip. This is a short tour of places in and around Makkah, which hold great historical value in Islam. A guide will take you around all these places while giving you a brief description of its history and significance. These include locations where some battles took place, the Cave Hira and Cave Thaur, and some burial spots of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH).

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