Cheapest Umrah Packages in Crawley

The town and district of Crawley dates back to the Stone Age. It started developing slowly in the Industrial age and gradually grew as a market town. The fact that it is connected to London via a main road that runs through it, brought along a lot of work and people too.

 During the 1940s, after World War II, the British government wanted people and businesses to move out of London and to other nearby smaller towns. Crawley became one of these towns and was quickly inhabited by people from all walks of life. Crawley Umrah packages offer a range of options in terms of hotel accommodations

Today, the Gatwick international airport is located on the outskirts of the town which makes it a popular destination and very convenient for business.  It is a great residential place for families with access to great schools and lots of green spaces for growing children. gladly announces its opening in the town of Crawley. We want to provide our brothers and sisters the facility of a world class umrah and hajj agency in their own home town. Our certified umrah agents will guide you through the steps of purchasing a custom made umrah package for you and your loved ones, ensuring a once in a life time experience for your whole family!

The Significance of Umrah

 Umrah is known to be the mini Hajj. The first Umrah was performed by our beloved Prophet (PBUH) in the year 629 CE, with 2000 of the newly reverted Muslims of Makkah.  The Muslims, who perform Umrah today, are actually following the footsteps of the Prophet (PBUH).

  The main objective of performing Umrah is to erase the sins of the past and pave a fresh new path for oneself that has been shown to us by Allah.  Any Muslim who can afford it is advised to perform Umrah whenever possible. The benefits of Umrah are:

  • It washes away all previous sins and wrongdoing
  • Umrah is one of the best ways to gain Allah’s blessings.
  • He showers the Muslim performing Umrah with his abundant mercy and forgiveness.
  • It is the perfect way to get your life back on track as Umrah guides a Muslim to leave all worldly evils and follow the path showed to us by our beloved Prophet.
  • It helps to establish the 5 daily prayers.

Our Packages

 We know that everyone who wants to embark on this blessed journey has a different budget limit. To meet all the varying budgets of our customers we have a range of packages. When you visit our offices, our experienced umrah agents will show you all the available packages, and you can choose the one that best fits your pocket and your requirements. All our packages cover:

  • Visa processing
  • Tickets and flight bookings
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transport within the Kingdom

The details of our packages include:

  • 3* packages, with hotels like, Hibatullah and Park Inn by Raddison Makkah
  • 4* packages, with hotels like, Jabal Omar by Conrad and DoubleTree by Hilton
  • 5* packages, with hotels like, Conrad Makkah, Makkah Hilton

 We also provide our customers with the choice of the number of days they want to spend in the Holy Kingdom.

  • 7 days and nights
  • 10 days and nights
  • 12 days and nights
  • 14 days and nights

 You can also choose the type of your packages:

  • Family package
  • Individual package
  • Group package
  • DIY package

 The DIY package is a recent addition to our services. It allows you to customize all the facilities offered in your package.

Your Itinerary

Once you arrive in Jeddah you will be escorted to your hotel in Makkah. You are free to spend your days in Makkah as you please. When your days are finished, you will be escorted to Madina. Here too you can spend your days as you wish. You can book your slot for the visit to the Rowda of the Prophet (PBUH) by using the Nusuk app, introduced by the kingdom. This will make it convenient for you.

 At the end of your trip, our representative will arrive to take you to the airport from where you will depart for the UK.


 The importance of the historical sites of Islam cannot be denied. In and around the city of Makkah and Madina, there are many places which hold great value for Muslims because they are related to our Prophet (PBUH).  One day during your trip will be allocated for the Ziaraat. You and your loved ones will be provided a guided tour of all the important sites, such as Ghar e Hira, Ghar e Thaur, burial sites of companions and the sites of various battles.


 At, we strive to provide you the most comfortable and hassle free Umrah experience. We are very pleased to inform you that over 10,000 past customers who were satisfied with our services have provided us with invaluable positive reviews, via videos. You can find these on our website, and we are sure that the reviews will make it easy for you to choose for your Umrah trip!