Cheapest Umrah Packages in Perth

The city of Perth is located on the banks of River Tay, in central Scotland. Perth offers a mixture of history, culture and modern living to its residents.

 Perth dates back to medieval times. Its presence was of much importance because of the presence of the Scone Stone, on Scone Abbey. This is where the Scottish kings were crowned and due to this reason it was known as the medieval capitol of Scotland. It is also home to Balhousie Castle and the famous Black Watch museum which offers an insight into the British Army.

 Today, Perth has come to be known as a modern city with a blend of a high end urban life and beautiful Scottish outdoors. There is much to do for families and children such as, outdoor play parks, indoor play facilities, or the many street festivals held throughout the year.

This is why is glad to open its offices in the city of Perth.  We want to continue our legacy of offering outstanding umrah deals for our Muslim brothers and sisters in Perth. With over 14 years of experience in the umrah and hajj industry under our belt, our certified umrah agents can curate the perfect package for you and your loved ones… and that too within your budget! Umrah Packages from Perth, UK offer a range of options in terms of hotel accommodations.

The Significance of Umrah

Every Muslim wishes to become Allah’s guest at least once in their lifetime. Praying and prostrating in Allah’s grand home is a dream come true for many. At we can help you fulfill this wish. Umrah is a life changing time for any Muslim. If performed with pure intentions it can cause a Muslim to completely change their perspective on life, and become one with their religion and its commands. Some of the benefits of Umrah are as follows:

  • It allows a Muslim to come closer to Allah and the Prophet (PBUH)
  • It allows a better understanding of Islam
  • It helps to establish the 5 daily prayers
  • It washes away all sins and evildoings and guides towards the path shown by Allah
  • It showers the Muslim with Allah’s mercy and blessings.

 Our Umrah Packages

 At, our certified travel agents understand that every pilgrims needs are different, and for this very reason we have curated many different packages. You can choose the package that fits your needs the best.

 All our packages cover:

  • Visa processing
  • Tickets and flight booking
  • Hotel accommodation
  • On ground transport in the Kingdom

We offer a wide range of packages, which cater to every budget. Our packages are as follows:

  • 3* packages with hotels like, Reefaf Al Hayat Hotel and Olayan Diamond Hotel
  • 4* packages with hotels like, Makkah Hotel and M Hotel by Millenium
  • 5* packages with hotels like, Fairmont Clock Tower and Swissotel Makkah

 You can also customize the package according to your needs in the following categories:

  • Individual package
  • Family package
  • Group package
  • DIY package

The DIY package is a recent addition to our list of services. With this option you have the liberty to customize your entire package as you please.

 The duration of your stay can also range from 7- 14 days.

 Whatever your personal needs maybe, you can discuss them with the travel agent who is serving you, and your package can be customized exactly as you require.

Your Itinerary

 Your time in Makkah and Madina will be an unforgettable one. Umrah is an experience that one cherishes long after it is over.

 Upon your arrival in Jeddah airport, you will be escorted by our team to your hotel in Makkah. Here you are free to spend your time as you please. We urge you to spend most of your time in the grand courtyard of Masjid Al Haram, bowing in front of Allah.

 Once your days in Makkah are over, you will be transferred to Madina. In the beloved city of the Prophet (PBUH), you can spend your time as you wish. Praying in the Prophets mosque and paying your salaams at the resting place of the Prophet (PBUH) will definitely be your priority.

 When your trip draws to a close, you will be taken to Jeddah airport from where you will depart for the UK.


Ziaraat are an important aspect of Umrah. Although it is not one of the rites of Umrah itself, ziaraat helps one to understand the historical side of Islam. In this guided tour you will be taken to locations of battle, where companions are buried and also spots frequented by our Prophet (PBUH) himself.

It will definitely give you an insight into the early days of Islam. One day during your Makkah stay will be allocated for ziaraat.

 Customer Feedback

  At, we take our customers very seriously. We simply want to be the only agency that you or your loved ones think of when you decide to embark on the spiritual journey of Umrah or Hajj. For this purpose, whenever we get positive feedback from our previous customers, we feel honored and humbled.

On our website you can find many positive video testimonials and written reviews for our stellar services. We hope that after viewing them, it will be very easy for you to decide that Perfect Umrah is the Umrah agency you want to book for your ultimate Umrah experience!