Cheapest Umrah Packages in Sunderland

The city of Sunderland is a port city near the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. It is a center for the automotive, chemical and paper industries. The largest factory for automotive production is also based in Sunderland. With a booming population of around 340,000 residents, it’s a growing city. is pleased to announce its presence in the great city of Sunderland. We have been blessed to be in the business of arranging Umrah and Hajj trips for the pilgrims, from the past 14 years. Needless to say that we have gained much experience and expertise in the field over these years.

Not only do we provide quality services, but we also try our best to make them economical and budget friendly for all. And we wish to provide the same quality service for you and your loved ones. Umrah Packages from Sunderland offer a range of options in terms of hotel accommodations

The Significance of Umrah

A Muslim is always yearning to be closer to his Maker. Allah has made the ways clear in which we can come closer to Him, and repent for our sins and wrongdoings. Umrah is one of these ways. The Umrah pilgrimage holds great importance in Islam. It consists of many rites that our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and his ancestors before him also performed. So, in essence we are following in our Prophets footsteps to gain Allah’s blessings.

 The benefits of Umrah are the following:

  • Umrah brings a Muslim closer to Allah
  • Helps to eliminate previous sins
  • Steers Muslims towards the right path
  • A Muslim who performs umrah gains the mercy and blessings of Allah
  • Helps a Muslim to gain better understanding of their religion.

Our Packages

Our representatives at our office will be more than happy to guide you about our many packages. Our packages are carefully curated by our certified Umrah agents to provide you with maximum comfort and minimum hassle and stress. We work only with the best hotels and service providers. All our packages cover:

  • Visa processing
  • Tickets and flight bookings
  • Hotel accommodation
  • On ground transport within the Kingdom

Our packages range from 3* to 5*. Following is a list of our hotels:

  • 3* hotels, such as Emaar Grand hotel or Olayan Diamond Hotel
  • 4* hotels such as, Novotel Makkah or Amjad Al Deyafah Hotel
  • 5* hotels such as, Movenpick Hajar or Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Hotel

You can also choose to customize the length of your stay:

  • 7 days and nights
  • 10 days and nights
  • 12 days and nights
  • 14 days and nights

You can also choose the category of your package:

  • Family package
  • Individual package
  • Group package
  • DIY package

The DIY package is an exciting new addition to our services. It allows you the freedom to customize each and every facility available in our packages.

Your Itinerary

Once you reach Jeddah airport, you will be met with our staff who will take you to your hotel in Makkah. You can now perform Umrah, and spend your time as you wish. After your stay at Makkah has ended you will be transported to Madina.

 The peaceful and tranquil city of Madina will most definitely appeal to you. You will be able to visit the Prophet’s Mosque and his Rowda. These are all life changing instances, and you will cherish them forever.

 At the end of your Umrah trip, you and your family will be transported to Jeddah airport and you will depart for the UK.


 Ziaraat is also a very important part of your Umrah trip. One day will be allocated for this purpose. You will be escorted by our designated guide to the cave of Hira and Thaur. You will also get to pray at Masjid Al Quba. Many other historical sites that hold great value are also a part of the ziaraat, which gives you a glimpse of Islam in its early years.

Reviews from our Valued Customers

 Umrah is a time to self-evaluate, to look inside oneself and try to point out our mistakes, and ask for repentance from Allah. We must atone our sins and firmly make a vow with ourselves to never commit them again. Umrah can change the way we look at and lead our life. It guides us to the righteous life, and keeps us away from any evil.

 With over 10,000 customers already catered to, we have been blessed with the best customers throughout our years of service in this industry. We are always striving to provide the best Umrah experience to all our customers, and when we get positive feedback from them, we feel elated.

You can watch the videos and read the reviews submitted by many of our satisfied customers to help you finalize your Umrah trip with us. We look forward to helping you become pilgrims to the house of Allah!