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Childrens Prayer Mat: Engaging & Educational

Are you searching for childrens prayer mat that captivates your kid’s interest in Salah? We are providing you with a list of prayer rugs for kids. It combines fun, faith, and functionality. Look no further! It is a journey to making prayer a beloved part of your child’s day.

1.    Children Prayer Mat- Padded Rug- $13.99

Our kids prayer rug is ingeniously designed with mosque and cartoon figures, making Salah appealing and fun for children. It’s an excellent way for kids to mimic their parents in prayer. Thus, it fosters a love for this important aspect of faith from a young age.

Available Colours

Durable and Safe

Forget about the worry of spills and stains; these mats are 100% washable, ensuring easy clean-up and lasting durability. The added padding provides extra comfort, while the anti-slip bottom ensures your child’s safety on any floor surface.

Quality Materials for Comfortable Prayers

Crafted from 20% cotton and 80% polyester, the prayer rug is soft yet sturdy, offering a comfortable and spiritually enriching experience. With dimensions of 35.4″x 19.7″, it’s tailor-made for young worshippers, making it a cherished part of their daily prayers.

The Gift of Faith

Looking for a meaningful gift? This prayer mat for children serves as a thoughtful and valuable present for children, family, and friends alike. It’s a beautiful way to express faith and encourage a lifelong connection with prayer.

2.    Educational Interactive Prayer Mat for Kids- Teaching- $35.99

Our educational interactive prayer mat for kids has the purpose of engaging and teaching. With touch-activated sensors, it brings religious chants and movements to life. It’s a fun, interactive way for kids to learn about their faith and the importance of praying.

Colours Available:

Perfect for On-the-Go Families

The mat’s foldable design ensures you can bring faith wherever you go. Compact and portable, it fits easily in bags or suitcases. Never leave home without it, whether you’re off to the office or visiting family.

Comfortably Sized for Little Worshippers

Measuring 43.31 x 27.56 inches, our mat provides ample space for comfortable prayer. Made with durability, it’s built to last through regular use, becoming a lasting part of your child’s faith journey.

A Versatile Educational Tool

This childrens prayer mat does more than just teach prayer. With a range of sounds triggered by touch, it’s a comprehensive educational aid. Ideal for use in schools, religious institutions, and homes, it helps instil an understanding of Islamic faith in young hearts.

3.   Pink Ottoman Design Kids Prayer Mat- $17.9.9

Receive not just one, but two treasures: a girl’s prayer rug and a prayer tree banner. This pair is a good choice for those looking to enrich their children’s prayer routine with something special and engaging.

Engage with Elegance

Crafted with an eye-catching Ottoman design, this kids prayer mat is sure to captivate your child’s imagination. Its unique and beautiful appearance makes prayer time an event to look forward to, transforming daily prayers into a fun and joyful experience.

Designed for Daily Devotion

We understand that kids will be kids, which is why this prayer mat is suitable for washing. Whether by hand in cold water or the machine at 30°C, keeping this mat clean and fresh is hassle-free.

4.    Muslim Childrens Prayer Mat- $11.99

Tailored exclusively for children, the mosque design kids prayer mat turns prayer time into adventure. Its lively prints are bound to make your kids look forward to Salah. Hence, it nurtures their spiritual growth from a young age.

Available Colours: Pink and Red

Soft and Safe for Little Worshippers

Crafted from high-grade polyester and quality fibres, these prayer rugs are a soft haven for your child’s delicate skin. Offering a comfortable and pleasant Salah experience, they ensure that every prayer is a moment of peace.

Travel-Friendly Prayer Solution

Our childrens prayer mats are designed for families on the move. Foldable and portable, they occupy minimal space, making them the perfect choice for travel. Whether visiting family or on a holiday, your child’s prayer routine remains uninterrupted.

The Gift of Faith

Looking for a meaningful Ramadan or Eid gift? Our childrens prayer mat are a thoughtful and colourful choice. With their unique design and landscape, they serve as a wonderful way to introduce children to the beauty of Islam.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

We understand that kids will be kids, which is why our prayer mats are easily washable. Designed to withstand the rigours of the washing machine, they come out looking as good as new.

5.    Eid Gift For Kids-Prayer Mat, Prayer Cap, Prayer Beads- $17.99

This childrens prayer mat features a captivating Kaaba design, drawing your child’s attention and making prayer times eagerly anticipated events.

Prayer Cap

Accompanying the rug is a prayer cap, essential for completing your child’s prayer attire. Thus, it fosters a sense of reverence and tradition.

Prayer Beads

A set of prayer beads introduces the practice of dhikr, encouraging mindfulness and spiritual connection.

Prayer Tree Banner

As a special gift, a prayer tree banner is added to this bundle. Hence, it enhances the spiritual environment of your child’s prayer space.

Engaging and Joyful Prayer

With this bundle, prayer becomes more than a ritual; it becomes a joyous occasion. The vibrant design and thoughtful inclusions make daily prayers more enjoyable and meaningful for children.

Easy Care for Busy Families

Life gets messy, but this prayer set is easy to clean. Whether by hand or in the machine at 30°C, it’s designed to be hassle-free, ensuring it’s always ready for prayer time.

Our Promise to You

At Perfect Umrah, your satisfaction is our mission. We love our customers and strive to provide a delightful shopping experience. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here for you, committed to ensuring your happiness with our products.

Each item in this bundle has been thoughtfully selected to engage, inspire, and support your child in their spiritual journey. Easy to care for and designed with love, this set promises to make every prayer special. We’re here to ensure your satisfaction and to help nurture the seeds of faith in the hearts of the young. Choose this perfect combination of tradition and fun for an Eid gift that truly keeps on giving.