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Cushioned Prayer Mats | Plush, Comfortable, and Stylish

Are you searching for the perfect cushioned prayer mats for your Umrah or Hajj journey? Look no further! The diverse collection of Perfect Umrah features a variety of cushioned prayer mats in different designs, colours, and price points. This vast variety suits your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or vibrant patterns, we have a prayer mat that will enhance your spiritual experience. 

Moreover, each mat provides you with ultimate comfort. These Islamic prayer mats provide you with a soft, supportive base that eases the strain on your knees and joints during prayer. Explore our selection today and find the ideal cushioned prayer mat that combines functionality with style. Thus, it makes your prayers more comfortable and focused. 

Perfect for both home and travel use, these prayer mats are a must-have for any devotee. Shop now and elevate your prayer routine with comfort and grace.

1.    Leather & Looms Muslim Praying Mat- $14.99

The Leather & Looms Muslim Praying Mat is not just a prayer mat; it’s an epitome of comfort blended with cultural richness. Crafted meticulously from premium quality polyester, this thick, velvety janamaz offers a soft plush surface. 

Exquisite Turkish Design and Unmatched Comfort

Its high pile weave type ensures a luxuriously cushioned feel underfoot, making every prayer session more soothing and focused. Hence, it eases the pressure on your knees and joints during your prayers. 

Portable and Practical Thick Prayer Mats

This prayer rug is as practical as it is beautiful. Its versatility extends to its design, featuring a stunning Turkish pattern that adds a touch of sophistication to any space, be it for prayer or as a decorative element in your home.

Ideal Gift for Any Occasion

Looking for a meaningful gift that combines functionality with cultural beauty? The Leather & Looms prayer mat makes a perfect choice. Suitable for weddings, Eid, or housewarmings, this mat is an excellent way to express your thoughtfulness and appreciation.

2.    Islamika Muslim Prayer Rug

The Islamika Muslim Prayer Rug redefines comfort with its extra-thick and soft cotton blend construction. This large prayer mat, measuring 47 x 31.5 inches, offers ample space, accommodating various prayer postures with ease. 

Supreme Comfort and Large Dimensions

These soft and luxurious prayer mat provides a soothing experience for the user. It has a flat woven weave that enhances its durability and comfort level.

Elegant Design with Added Benefits

It promotes a serene atmosphere, conducive to focused and peaceful prayer sessions. Additionally, it comes with 33-grain prayer beads. Thus, it enhances your spiritual practice and makes it an excellent gift for Eid, Ramadan, or any special occasion.

Luxury and Value

Not only does this prayer rug offer unmatched softness and comfort, but it also provides great value for money. Its durable and luxurious design ensures that it can be a part of your daily prayers for years to come.

3.    Sacred Artisans Cushioned Prayer Mats- $39.00

The Sacred Artisans Padded Prayer Rug takes comfort to the next level with its 0.5-inch thick high-density foam padding. This feature makes the rug extremely comfortable. Furthermore, it is especially for those who may find prolonged kneeling during prayers challenging. 

Ultra-Comfort with High-Density Foam

The plush, soft polyester fabric enhances the comfort further. Thus, it makes your prayer sessions a time of peace and relaxation. This thoughtfully designed rug is not just a prayer mat but a keepsake that can be cherished and appreciated daily.

Handcrafted Luxury Cushioned Prayer Mats

Made by skilled artisans in Turkey, every aspect of this prayer mat is crafted by hand. Thus, it ensures attention to detail and quality. The hand-stitched and finished design reflects a commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship, making each rug unique and personal.

Spacious and Gift-Ready

With its generous size of 46 inches in length and 28 inches in width, this prayer mat provides a spacious area for all users. It comes in gift-ready packaging, complete with a ‘Gift of Prayer’ card. Hence, it is an ideal present for loved ones on any occasion. 

4.    Modefa Turkish Islamic Velvet Prayer Mat- $39.48

Discover the Modefa Turkish Islamic cushioned prayer mats, designed with the lavish aesthetics of Ottoman royalty in mind. And it enhances the spiritual ambience of any space. Made from dense velvet, it is one of the thickest and largest single-person prayer mats available. Hence, it offers exceptional comfort during your salat. Each purchase includes a free car hanging decoration, adding value and making it a splendid gift for any occasion.

Exceptional Thickness for Enhanced Comfort

Rated 8/10 on the Modefa Thickness Scale, this prayer rug surpasses many others in cushioning. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use on harder floors. The extra thickness ensures that every prostration is gentle on your knees and joints. Hence, it provides a plush barrier against the ground.

Crafted with Care in Turkey

Experience the unmatched quality of a prayer mat made in Turkey. This machine-made rug is finished by hand to ensure superior craftsmanship and durability. Moreover, the soft, velvety texture and meticulous finishing touch signify a product made with devotion and care.

Care Instructions and Specifications

Measuring 80 x 120 cm, this large prayer rug offers ample space for a peaceful prayer session. It is recommended to hand wash and line dry the rug to maintain its integrity. And it can withstand gentle machine washes. Be cautious as the tassels may loosen.

5.    Modefa Turkish Islamic Velvet Prayer Rug – $39.98

Step onto the Modefa Turkish Islamic Velvet Prayer Rug and feel the difference with its Double Plush thickness. These cushioned prayer mats offer a visually stunning floral pattern that encircles the edges. And they also provide a cushion-like feel underfoot. This mat’s generous cushioning makes it perfect for older believers or those who spend long periods in worship.

Thoughtful Additions for Ultimate Convenience

Enhance your prayer experience with this all-inclusive prayer mat package. It features not just the rug but also a men’s kufi prayer cap, prayer beads tesbih, and a car hanging decoration. These additions make the Modefa prayer rug a fantastic choice for gifts during Ramadan, Eid, or any special occasion.

Turkish Quality You Can Trust

Produced in the heart of Turkey, this mat offers durability and softness that you can feel. The dense velvet material and the rug’s substantial build are indicative of its superior quality. Also, the hand-finishing by skilled Turkish artisans ensures that each prayer mat is both beautiful and built to last.

Specifications and Care

This rug measures 80 x 120 cm and is made from high-quality dense velvet. To keep it in pristine condition, hand washing and line drying are recommended, though gentle machine washing is possible. Care should be taken to avoid regular washing to preserve the fine details and tassels.