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Custom Prayer Mat Sets for Ramadan, Eid, & Special Occasions

Looking for a unique custom prayer mat? We’ve got you covered! Our customized Islamic prayer mats come in many designs, colours, and styles. From fancy to plain, luxurious to simple, and everything in between, there’s a mat for everyone. Each mat comes with a bag, making it easy to carry for prayers anywhere, anytime.

Customizing your prayer mat means you get to pick what matters to you. Choose a colour that calms you, a design that inspires you, or add a special quote that uplifts you. These mats aren’t just about comfort; they’re about making your prayer time special and personal

We understand everyone’s tastes and budgets are different. That’s why our collection includes a wide range of prices. Whether you want something lavish or something more affordable, you’ll find it here.

Check out our collection and find theย  prayer mat with name that’s just right for you. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect match to enrich your spiritual practice.

1.    IEF Personalized Prayer Rug Prayer Beads Quran Islamic Gift Set- $19.99

The IEF Personalized Prayer Rug Gift Set is an ideal choice for any special occasion. From Ramadan and Eid to weddings and birthdays, this set suits all your gifting needs. With a price of $19.99, it offers both thoughtfulness and affordability.

All-In-One Elegance

This set features a Chenille Prayer Rug, Velvet Quran, and Pearl Prayer Beads, beautifully packed in a clear Acetate Box with Fabric Ribbons and Jute Rope. It’s all set in a chic Cardboard Pizza Box, making it gift-ready.

Premium Craftsmanship

Made from top-quality materials, the chenille prayer rug and velvet Quran are not only good-looking but durable. The pearl prayer beads bring an extra layer of elegance and depth to your prayer experience.

Fits Every Special Moment

The set is perfectly sized for use and convenience. The prayer rug is spacious at 27×51 inches, and the Quran is handy at 5×7 inches, ideal for both home and travel.

2.    Creative Prayer Mat for Muslim Children- $24.99

The Creative Prayer Mat for Muslim Children, priced at $24.99, transforms prayer time into a fun, creative session. This mat is more than just a place to pray; it’s an invitation for kids to express themselves with colours.

Encouraging Creativity

This unique prayer mat lets children colour it in their way, turning prayer time into a personalized and enjoyable experience. It’s a blend of spirituality and creativity, making every prayer special.

Comfort Meets Durability

Crafted from premium polyester, the rug is both tough against wear and tear and soft to the touch, ensuring a cosy prayer spot. Its weave is snug and safe, with a pile that’s just right for tender skin.

A Gift of Faith and Fun

Ideal as a gift, this mat helps foster a love for prayer in children. With its lively mosque and nature design, it’s not just a prayer mat but a playful encouragement for regular prayer habits.

3.    Personalized Custom Prayer Mat with Islamic Gift Set- $59.99

For $59.99, the luxury custom prayer mat is the peak of elegance for prayer times. Ideal for Ramadan, Eid, Hajj, Umrah, and more, it offers a luxurious prayer experience.

Top-Quality Components

The customized prayer mat  set includes a Plush Prayer Rug, Velvet Quran, and Crystal Beads. Packaged in a fancy gift box, it combines durability, comfort, and beauty.

Comfort and Style

With a 27×51 inch plush rug, a handy 5×7 inch velvet Quran, and shiny crystal beads, this set blends ease with luxury. Its packaging adds to the gift’s charm.

Elevate Prayer Moments

This set isn’t just for use; it enhances prayer spiritually. The soft rug, shiny beads, and elegant Quran transform prayer into a serene experience.

4.    IEF Personalized Mehrab-Patterned Embroidered Luxury Prayer Rug Prayer Beads Quran Islamic Gift Set- $54.99

At $54.99, the IEF Mehrab-Patterned Luxury Prayer Set is ideal for all Islamic occasions like Ramadan, Eid, and more. It’s designed to add a personal touch to your spiritual gifts.

Personalize Your Gift

This set stands out for its customizable options. Tailor it to the receiver’s tastes for a unique and memorable present. Made from chenille, velvet, and pearl, the materials speak to the set’s high quality. The practical yet luxurious items elevate the prayer experience.

Elegant Set Details

Included are a Chenille Prayer Rug with an embroidered Mehrab pattern, a Velvet Quran, and Pearl Prayer Beads. The rug is 26×47 inches, perfect for praying, and the Quran is 5×7 inches, great for reading and carrying.

Beautifully Package

Presented in a clear Acetate Box with Fabric Ribbons and Jute Rope, and a Cardboard Pizza Box, the packaging is as impressive as the gift itself, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition.

5.    Bridesh Velvet Custom Prayer Mat with Quran Muslim Gift Set- $128.00

At $128, the Bridesh velvet custom prayer mat brings luxury to Islamic celebrations like Eid and weddings. Its modern, non-slip velvet mat combines beauty with practicality.

Complete Islamic Set

Encased in a wooden box with gold details, this set includes a Quran, a rosary, the box, a prayer rug, a Yasin booklet, and a scarf. Quality and significance define each item, offering a full spiritual package.

Plush and Practical

The velvet prayer mat’s plush feel and durability enhance prayer comfort. Its non-slip quality adds stability, while its modern design fits any decor.

Versatile Gift Choice

Ideal for various occasions, this custom prayer mat set blends spiritual and practical gifts. It’s a standout choice for Ramadan, Eid, or personal celebrations, symbolizing faith and luxury.

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