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Electronic Prayer Mat | Interactive & Educational Mats


Searching for the perfect electronic prayer mat? Look no further! We’ve carefully selected a variety of electronic prayer mats suitable for both adults and children. Our range includes diverse designs and price points to ensure there’s something for everyone. These mats offer support and enhance your prayer practice, making them ideal for daily use or as a thoughtful gift. Discover the ideal electronic Muslim prayer mats to complement your spiritual journey today.

1.    My Salah Mat Smart Electronic Prayer Mat (Adult Version)

This interactive prayer mat is a revolutionary product that combines traditional prayer practices with modern technology. Designed for adults, it boasts a 4.5-star rating with over 201 reviews, Moreover, this product has seen a high demand with 400+ purchases in the past month. Priced at $114.99, it offers an immersive prayer experience without import fees and minimal shipping costs to the UK.

Features of this Unique Electronic Prayer Mat

Interactive Design

With 25 touch-sensitive keys, this mat integrates Quranic recitation from a qualified Qari. It allows users to select and perform any salah, starting only when the user stands in the foot position.

Ideal for

This mat is perfect for individuals looking to enrich their prayer experience with guidance and interactive features. It makes it a valuable addition to any Muslim’s spiritual routine.

Guided Prayer

The electronic Muslim prayer mat lights up to guide the user through different prayer positions at the correct times. Thus, it enhances the prayer experience by showing the correct posture.

Touch-Sensitive Technology

The technology ensures that recitations for specific postures, like sujood, only activate when touched. It adds a layer of interaction and engagement to the prayer.

Educational Content

Apart from Salah, the electronic mat Islam helps users learn Surahs, Adhan, Duas, and more. Hence, this feature makes it a comprehensive tool for daily prayers.

Durable Material

Made from waterproof and fire-resistant materials, it ensures longevity and safety.

2.    Shappy Prayer Mat for Kids (Blue)

This educational prayer mat for kids is an interactive tool designed to make learning prayer fun and engaging for children. With a perfect 5.0-star rating, it’s available for $37.99. Also, it has been popular among buyers, with 100+ sold in the past month.

Ideal Size

Measuring 43.31 x 27.56 inches, it provides ample space for children to pray comfortably.

Interactive Learning

This Islamic prayer mat comes equipped with touch-activated sensors to teach kids about praying through religious chants and movements.

Portable Design

Its foldable nature ensures easy portability, allowing it to be carried on travels, to the office, or for home use.

Educational Tool

Besides aiding in prayer, it serves as an educational aid. It helps in teaching children about the Islamic faith in homes, schools, and religious institutions.

Ideal for

Parents and educators seek an interactive and fun way for children to learn about praying and the Islamic faith.

A Perfect Gift

It is a perfect gift for your children to enhance their Islamic learning.

3.    Adult Educational Interactive Prayer Mat-Islamic Gifts Muslim (Blue)

The Muehieu Store offers the Adult Educational Interactive Prayer Mat in a stylish blue colour. It has garnered a 4.6-star rating. At $48.99, with a 6% coupon available, Moreover, it’s an affordable option for those looking to enhance their prayer experience.

Ideal for

Adults seeking a combination of traditional prayer practice with a touch of modernity and educational content.

Material and Design

Made from polyester with a flat weave type and medium pile height, it combines comfort with durability.

Interactive Features

Although specifics are not detailed, this Muslim prayer mat’s educational aspects suggest it includes interactive elements for adult users.


Available in blue and purple, this electronic prayer mat caters to personal preferences while adding a spiritual touch.

4.   ALMOSTAQIM Educational Prayer Mat for Kids

This educational prayer mat Islam is designed specifically for kids. It features a mosque-shaped speaker, a built-in compass, and 50 touch-sensitive buttons. Priced at $45.99, it offers an engaging prayer-learning experience.

Ideal for

Children and parents looking for a fun, interactive way to engage with prayer and Islamic teachings.

Interactive Learning

With an LED Salat position indicator and an LCD Rakat counter, it makes learning Salat easy and fun.

Comfort and Safety

Five layers of fabric ensure comfort, while a non-slip backing keeps the mat in place.

Gift Idea

Available in colours for boys and girls, it makes a wonderful gift for children to learn about their faith.

5.    MINMEER Prayer Mat for Kids (Electronic Muslim Prayer Rug)

The MINMEER brand offers an electronic Muslim prayer rug for kids, designed to aid in learning Islamic Salah. Despite a lower rating of 2.0 stars, it’s priced at $42.99 and focuses on educational objectives.

Ideal for

A valuable educational tool for parents and educators looking to introduce children to the practice of Salah and Islamic teachings in a fun, interactive way.

Light-Guided Electronic Prayer Mat

Built-in LED lights guide children through prayer positions, making it an excellent tool for beginners.

Educational Content

It introduces children to the basics of Islam, including the Holy Quran, Prophet Mohammad, and the pillars of faith.

Comfort and Portability

Made of thickened velvet, it’s comfortable and non-slip, ensuring stability during prayer.

6.    The Little Muslim Prayer MAT

This educational interactive prayer mat is designed for Muslim kids, featuring touch sensitivity and easy usage. At $47.00, it has received a perfect 5.0-star rating.

Comprehensive Learning

Covers the five daily Salah, 13 different Surahs, Adhan, and Iqamah, making it a full-fledged learning tool.

Simplicity of this Electronic Prayer Mat

Its user-friendly design encourages children to engage with their prayers and learn more about their faith.

Ideal for

An excellent choice for young learners, and provides a simple yet comprehensive introduction to Islamic prayers and teachings.

All products offer a unique way to engage with prayer and Islamic teachings, catering to different ages and preferences. Whether for personal use or as a gift, these electronic prayer mats provide a blend of tradition and technology.

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