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Searching for the perfect prayer mats Islam? Look no further! We offer a wide variety of Islamic prayer mats, tailored to meet your every need and preference. With an array of designs, colours, and prices, finding the ideal mat for your prayers has never been easier. Whether you prefer classic patterns or modern styles, the following collection has you covered.

Each mat offers comfort and convenience in mind, ensuring a peaceful and focused prayer experience. From plush, comfortable options that cushion your knees to lightweight, portable mats ideal for travelling, we have something for everyone. The selection includes mats in various sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your space and style.

Explore the collection today and discover the perfect blend of tradition, comfort, and style. If you want to book Hajj or Umrah from the UK, contact Perfect Umrah. We have more than 15 years experience in the field.

1.    SHUKRAN Chenille Fabric Muslim Prayer Mat- $18.99

The SHUKRAN Chenille Fabric Muslim prayer mat stands out with its premium chenille fabric. It offers a soft and inviting space for your daily prayers. Perfectly sized at 43″ x 27″, it provides ample room for a comfortable prayer experience. Moreover, its low pile height ensures a smooth and even surface, enhancing your focus and spiritual connection.

Portable and Practical

Designed for believers on the go, this prayer mat is both portable and foldable. Weighing just 10.88 ounces, it’s the ideal companion for home use or during your travels. Hence, it ensures you have a sacred space for prayer wherever you are. The inclusion of a stylish storage bag and Islamic prayer beads (99) makes this mat a comprehensive prayer kit.

Diverse Designs for Every Taste

Available in a variety of colours and patterns, the SHUKRAN Islamic prayer mat caters to all preferences. If you’re looking for a mat that complements your home decor or serves, there’s a design to match your style. Its aesthetic versatility also makes it an ideal gift for any Islamic celebration.

Care and Durability

This machine-washable Islamic prayer rug stands the test of time with its durable chenille fabric. Easy to care for, it ensures your prayer space remains clean and inviting. With the added prayer beads and bag, this mat is a testament to practicality and faith, rolled into one.

2.    Moonlike My Salah Mat- $59.99

Moonlike’s My Salah prayer mats Islam combines tradition with comfort. Crafted from a luxurious blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this prayer rug offers perfect thickness. It offers a soft landing for knees and an easy rise. Measuring 45×26 inches, it provides ample space for peaceful prayer, wrapped in the beauty of traditional Ottoman designs.

Aesthetic and Durable

Not too thick and not too thin, this mat strikes the perfect balance for comfort and portability. Its knit fringe adds a touch of elegance and durability, ensuring the mat remains intact through regular use. The mixture of cotton and polyester not only enhances its longevity but also its aesthetic appeal.

Ideal Islamic Gift

Packaged in a special box, this luxury prayer mat Islam makes for an unforgettable Islamic gift. Whether it’s Ramadan, Eid, or another special occasion, it will find a special place in the homes and hearts of your loved ones. Its pleasant pattern and luxury liner ensure a comfortable and stylish prayer experience.

Care Instructions

This travel prayer mat offers easy maintenance. Recommended for dry cleaning, it can also be machine-washed at low temperatures to preserve its quality and appearance. Furthermore, its practical cleaning tips ensure the rug remains a cherished part of your daily prayer routine.

3.    Mythog Prayer Mat- $44.99

The Mythog prayer mats Islam with bag is a fusion of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Thus, it creates a soft, luxurious surface for your prayers. Accompanied by a matching carriage bag, this mat exudes luxury and practicality. This mat’s convenience and portability make it an essential item for every devout Muslim.

Portability of Mythog Prayer Mats Islam

Lightweight and easy to carry, these bags are the best choice for Muslims on the move. Hence, it ensures you have a comfortable and sacred space for prayer, no matter where you are.

Durable Prayer Mats Islam with Bag

With its machine washable feature, this portable Islamic prayer mat is as practical as it is spiritual. Designed to withstand regular use without fading, it remains vibrant and soft, enhancing your daily prayers.

Easy to Maintain

The fade-resistant hues and easy maintenance ensure this mat continues to be a part of your prayer life for years. Its high-pile construction offers unparalleled comfort, making every prayer session a deeply spiritual experience.

4.    Kapobia Muslim Prayer Mats Islam with Accessories- $19.99

This beautiful Islamic prayer rug offers a comprehensive prayer solution. It includes a high-quality combination of a prayer mat, an Islamic skull cap (Kufi hat), and prayer beads. This set addresses all your needs for a complete prayer session, providing convenience and spiritual significance. The black, breathable skull beanie adds a touch of tradition and respect to your prayer attire.

The set also includes a rosary with 99 beads and a special design guru bead, enhancing your prayer experience.

Superior Material and Design

Made from a cotton blend and featuring a tufted weave, the Kapobia prayer mat is both soft and durable. It provides easy maintenance, being machine washable (except for the beads), making it perfect for daily use. The prayer mat measures 117x67cm, providing ample space for adults to pray comfortably.

Exceptional Quality and Comfort

The Kapobia set offers the finest materials and attention to detail. The intricate patterns bordered by decorative accents underscore its unique design and composition. Moreover, this set not only offers a soft and comfortable prayer surface but also brings elegance to your prayer space.

Practical Usage and Care

The prayer rug and Kufi cap are machine washable, offering ease of maintenance and ensuring cleanliness for regular use. The set’s portability allows you to carry it with you during travels or daily activities. Hence, it ensures you can maintain your prayer routine anywhere.

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