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How to Perform Umrah?

Umrah is a non-mandatory pilgrimage to Makkah. Muslims can perform this pilgrimage in any part of the year.

Detailed way of Performing Umrah

Wearing Ehram & Meeqat

When you are moving for this holy Umrah travel to the Holy city of Makkah then you have to make sure that you clean your body from all the unneccesary hair and cut your nails. You should make sure that you do this at “Meeqat”. Meeqat are the places appointed by the Sharia where you get yourself clean from unnecessary hair and cut your nails. After doing so you have to take a bath and make sure your body is clean and perform ablution.
To perform Umrah you have to wear Ehram and after wearing Ehram you have to abide by certain conditions. Following is the detail of the condition that you have to abide by.

  • The sole intention should be to perform hajj in order to fulfil Allah’s command
  • Try to avoid all major or minor sins from core of your heart. Try to pray and ask forgiveness from
  • Allah and all the people for any wrong doing.
  • Make sure you pray 5 times a day
  • Go to your dresser exactly 2 days before your departure and make sure your nails are cut properly.
  • You should be strong to bear the troubles and the difficulties with patience on Hajj.
  • You should wear Ehram before entering the plane.
  • Make sure that you have all your medicines and you have taken the necessary vaccination as well.
  • Your passport and travelling documents are extremely important thus you should have some carry bags that can hold all your important things.

Intention for Umrah

After wearing Ehram you need to offer two rakats of of Nafal prayer after making the intention of Umrah. After doing so you have to read the following.

“Here I am O Allah, (in response to Your call), here I am. Here I am. You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise, grace, and sovereignty belong to You. You have no partner.”
This type of prayer is called Talbiyah. This is the second step of Umrah.
First Step: Circular Movement of Allah’s House
After landing in Makkah Mukarma you should make sure that you have got your luggage in a safe place and then enter Masjid Haram from any door. You should recite the following prayer and enter the first step.

When you see Bait Allah you need to recite the following prayer

Method of Tawaf

The most important step of Umrah is the Twaf which is also known as circulation movement. After performing ablution you should come to the corner of Bait-ul-Allah. The point from where the Tawaf should be started is where the Hajr Aswad is located at the opposite of a green light that is fitted above ground in the place of Tawaf. While standing there you need to intend for the Tawaf Bait-ul-Allah and you have to pray
“O’ Allah I intend performing tawaf of your sacred house, (seven rounds) so make my tawaf easy for me and O’Allah accept it from me.”
After the intention you have to perform “Idhtiba”. To perform Idhtiba you have to cover the left shoulder with one end of the ehram and pass the other end under the right arm. Now stand at right of Hajre Aswad and raise your hand that your palm face Hajre Aswad and recite

Since you have welcomed Hajr Aswad now it’s the time to kiss Hajr Aswad. This is known as “Estalam.” After this you need to move towards the door of Ka’ba. When you reach the door of Ka’ba you need to recite the following.

After coming towards Hajre Aswad you should perform Istalam and recite the following.

Now the first round of Tawaf is compete and you have to perform 7 rounds of Tawaf in the same way. In first three rounds men will perform Ramal. Ramal is an act in which men will walk hastily, take shorter steps, lifting the legs forcefully, keeping the chest out and moving the shoulders simultaneously. Now you need to offer two rakat Nafal and drink Ab Zam Zam. While drinking Ab zam zam you need to recite the following.

Second Step: The Sayee of Safa & Marwa

In the seond step you have to perform the Sayee of safa & Marwa. In this you have to climb Safa Mountain to the point where you could see the Bait-ul-Allah.

Then you have to start running on Marwa Mountain with intention of Sayee. Men should run while the women could walk. Repeat this 7 times to complete your seven rounds of Sayee of Safa and Marwa.

Third Step: Halaq/Qasr

Now the third and the final step that is to perform Halaq. In this step men have to shave off their head while women have to cut their 1-inch long hair.
After this your Umrah is complete and you could stay in Makkah to wait for the Hajj to start. In the mean time you could also perform Nafli Umrah. In Nafli Umrah you do not have to perform all the steps. The only step necessary for Nafli Umrah is to perform welcoming of Hajr Aswad and after doing 12 estalam of Hajr Aswad make seven circular movements (Tawaf) of Khana Ka’aba and do estalam in every round.

Here is a Video Presentation on How to Perform Umrah?

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