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is umrah open now?

Yes Umrah is open for locals of Saudi Arabia as well as from very few countries where corona virus situation is totally under control, from some of the countries Saudi Arabia has suspended Umrah operations unless or untill corona virus situation comes under control and world health organization gives a clear signal for resumption of travel and tourism. Lot of people are impatiently looking forward to go for umrah as soon as it will start again from big muslim countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India . As most of you know umrah operation was suspended by Saudi Government to ovoid corona virus crises in Saudi Arabia.

Umrah was stopped in the end of February 2020. Then Saudi govt did a three step process to resume umrah. Saudi govt started allowing pilgrimage from out side from 1st November 2020, they made very strict rules to minimise the spread of corona virus due to movement of pilgrimage. groups started to come from countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

But when new variant of corona virus spread rapidly in UK. Saudi Govt stopped Umrah once again and closed their borders again in January 2021.

Saudi Govt have made it very clear that health and safety of the Saudi Public is most important for them, and they will not risk lives of Saudi people to start umrah or Hajj unless corona virus situations becomes under control all around the world.

Good thing is Saudi Govt has kept corona virus under control through out this pandemic. Saudi health officials have recently said, life in Saudi Arabia is very close to normality very soon. Most of their Saudi population is vaccinated now, so gradually Saudi Arabia is opening umrah for all vaccinated people from all across the world.

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