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Islamic Prayer Mats: Available in All Colors Now

If you’re a Muslim in the UK on the lookout for the perfect Islamic prayer mats, your search ends here. At Perfect Umrah, we offer an exquisite range of Islamic prayer mats that cater to your spiritual needs. Crafted with care and designed for comfort, our mats are essential for daily prayers and special occasions alike.

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Material Quality

Our Islamic prayer mats redefine comfort with their cotton construction. Thicker and softer than most, these mats feature a cotton padding that elevates your prayer experience. Moreover, the quality material ensures a plush feel under your knees and forehead, making each prayer more serene.

Size and Thickness

With dimensions of 47×31 inches and an impressive thickness, our padded prayer mats provide ample space for all. Whether for kids, men, or women, the generous sizing accommodates everyone comfortably. The extra padding not only adds to the comfort but also ensures durability.

Design and Colours of Our Islamic Prayer Mats

Elegance meets tradition in the design and colour options of our Islamic prayer mats. Available in black, brown, green, grey, and pink, each mat boasts a nice and sober pattern. This variety allows you to choose a mat that not only suits your spiritual needs but also complements home décor.

Get Free Prayer Beads and Pouch- Order Now

Every prayer mat comes with a set of  Islamic prayer beads, perfect for Eid, travel, and Ramadan. This thoughtful addition, along with a convenient pouch, makes our prayer mats an ideal gift. Furthermore, it is a gesture that enriches your prayer ritual and signifies the importance of faith in everyday life.

Luxury Islamic Eid Gift Set

Our Islamic prayer mats are more than just a prayer accessory; they’re a luxury Islamic Eid gift set. Paired with prayer beads, they serve as a thoughtful present for any Muslim. Whether for kids, women, or men, this set enhances the spiritual joy of Eid and other sacred occasions.

Pricing and Value – Only $29

Priced at just $29, our travel prayer mats offer unmatched value. The premium material, large size, and additional prayer beads set provide a luxurious prayer experience at an affordable price. It’s a small investment for the comfort and spiritual upliftment of your daily prayers.


Comfort and Convenience

Our Muslim prayer mats provide comfort and convenience in mind. The soft, padded cotton ensures your prayers are comfortable, focusing your mind solely on your spiritual journey. Also, the quality material and construction mean you can use it daily without wear and tear. With each purchase, you also get Islam prayer beads, adding more value to your prayer experience. Ideal for Eid, Ramadan, or as a travel companion, these mats are not just practical but stylish too.

Easy to Carry      

Lightweight and portable, our black, brown, purple, green and pink prayer mats are perfect for Muslims on the go. Whether you’re travelling, visiting sacred sites, or simply need a mat for the office, it’s easy to carry along. The included pouch makes it even more convenient to take your prayer mat wherever you go.

If you’re looking to order a pink gift set of pink prayer mats, you’ve found the best place. It includes pink prayer beads, a pink Muslim cap, and Eid gifts. Our pink mats are soft, luxurious, and perfect for your daily prayers. They’re thick, large, and comfortable, making them great for kids, men, and women alike.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Amina says, “The softness and comfort are unmatched. It’s my daily companion for prayers.”

Jamal notes, “Great value for money. The size and thickness are perfect for my daily needs.”

Sofia shares, “I gifted it to my parents, and they loved the design and the beads. Highly recommend.”

FAQ Section

How do I clean these Islamic prayer mats?

Cleaning your Islamic prayer mat is easy. Just use a mild detergent and some water. Gently spot and clean any areas that need attention. Don’t soak the whole mat. Let it air dry. This way, your mat stays fresh and clean without damage.

Is the Muslim prayer mat suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, you can use your prayer mat outdoors. It’s made for both inside and outside use. This means you can pray in your garden, at the park, or anywhere you find peace. The mat provides a clean place to pray, wherever you are.

Can I take the prayer mat on travels?

Definitely. The prayer mat is light and folds up easily, making it perfect for travel. Whether you’re going on a long trip or just out for the day, you can bring your mat along. It’s designed to fit into your life, wherever you go.

Are the prayer beads included with every mat?

Yes, with each prayer mat, you get a set of 33 prayer beads. These beads are a bonus, helping you focus on your prayers and meditation. They’re a thoughtful addition to enhance your spiritual practice.

What is the return policy?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you’re not satisfied, you can return or exchange your prayer mat within 30 days. Just contact us, and we’ll help you. We aim for your complete satisfaction with every purchase.

Crafted for the devout and designed for convenience, our Islamika prayer mats are a testament to the beauty of faith. With unmatched comfort, elegant design, and thoughtful additions like prayer beads, they’re more than just mats. They’re a gateway to a deeper spiritual connection.

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