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Long-stay Umrah Packages 2024

As Muslims, performing Umrah is an essential part of our faith. It is a spiritual journey that provides us with an opportunity to purify our souls and connect with our Creator. For those looking to embark on this journey in 2023, long-stay Umrah packages are the perfect option.

What Are Long-Stay Umrah Packages?

Long-stay Umrah packages are designed for those who want to spend an extended period in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. These packages typically include accommodation, transportation, and visa processing services. They are ideal for families, senior citizens, and individuals who want to perform Umrah at a leisurely pace.

Benefits of Long-Stay Umrah Packages

  1. Extended Stay: Long-stay Umrah packages offer a longer stay in the holy cities, allowing you to immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere and perform Umrah at your own pace.
  2. Flexibility: Unlike regular Umrah packages, long-stay packages offer more flexibility in terms of travel dates and accommodation options. You can choose to stay in a hotel or furnished apartment according to your preferences.
  3. Cost-Effective: Long-stay Umrah packages are more cost-effective than short-stay packages. You can save money on accommodation and transportation by opting for a longer stay.
  4. More Time for Worship: By choosing a long-stay Umrah package, you can devote more time to worship and spiritual activities without worrying about time constraints.

Planning Your Long-Stay Umrah in 2024

If you are planning to perform Umrah in 2024, it is essential to start planning early. Here are some tips to help you plan your long-stay Umrah:

  1. Choose a Reliable Travel Agency: Look for a reputable travel agency that specializes in Umrah packages. Check their reviews and ratings before making a booking.
  2. Decide on Your Travel Dates: Decide on your travel dates and book your package well in advance. This will help you secure the best deals and avoid any last-minute hassles.
  3. Plan Your Itinerary: Plan your itinerary according to your preferences. You can choose to spend more time in Makkah or Madinah depending on your spiritual priorities.
  4. Book Accommodation: Book your accommodation in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. You can choose from a variety of options, including hotels and furnished apartments.
  5. Pack Wisely: Make a list of essential items to pack for your Umrah journey. Don’t forget to pack comfortable clothing, shoes, and toiletries.


Long-stay Umrah packages offer a unique opportunity to perform Umrah at a leisurely pace and immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of Makkah and Madinah. By planning your journey in advance and choosing a reliable travel agency, you can make your Umrah journey a truly memorable experience.

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