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Luxury & Portable Muslim Prayer Mats – Perfect Umrah Finds

Looking for Muslim prayer mats? You’re in the right spot. We’ve got a wide variety. Different designs, colours, and types. You’ll find simple ones and fancy ones too. There are even foldable mats with bags, perfect for those who pray on the go.

Our mats come in all price ranges. So, whether you want something budget-friendly or a bit more luxurious, we have you covered. Each mat is unique. Some have traditional patterns, others are more modern. No matter your taste, you’ll find a mat that suits you.

They’re not just for praying. These mats can make thoughtful gifts or add a special touch to your home. With our diverse collection, picking the right one is easy. You’ll find exactly what you need, for yourself or someone else.

So, start browsing. Discover the perfect prayer mat that matches your style and budget. Let’s make your prayer time special and comfortable.

1.    Moonlike My Salah Mat- $59.99

The Moonlike My Salah Mat stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking a luxurious and comfortable prayer experience. Made from a blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this mat offers durability and softness. Hence, it ensures a long-lasting and comfortable prayer session. The high-quality weaving process makes it both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Traditional Ottoman Design

This luxury prayer mat features a stylish Ottoman design with intricate flower and vase imagery. Moreover, this prayer rug brings traditional elegance into your prayer practice. The handwoven surface and craftsmanship add a touch of uniqueness, making every prayer session special. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and spirituality.

Versatile and Portable

Designed for ease of use, it is neither too thick nor too thin, making it easy to fold and carry. Whether you’re at home or travelling, this mat ensures you can maintain your prayer routine without any hassle. The knit fringes add a robust and high-quality finish, ensuring the rug remains intact through regular use.

A Thoughtful Islamic Gift

Packaged in a special box, this prayer rug makes an unforgettable Islamic gift for Ramadan, Eid, or any special occasion. It’s a thoughtful way to express your love and care, providing a daily reminder of faith and devotion.

2.    Foam Islamic Prayer Mat with Back Support- $31.99

This innovative prayer mat with back support redefines comfort during prayer times. Made from memory foam, it provides excellent backrest support. Hence, it is ideal for those who need extra comfort during prayers or meditation. The foldability feature ensures it can be easily stored or taken on the go.

Stylish and Durable

Not just functional, this prayer mat also adds a touch of elegance to any prayer space. Its high-quality materials ensure durability, making it a long-lasting addition to your daily prayer practice. Easy maintenance is a key feature, with most mats being machine washable for your convenience.

Versatile Use of Foldable Muslim Prayer Mats

These Muslim prayer mats are not limited to Muslim prayers. They cater for anyone in need of a comfortable meditation space. Its thickness and compact folding size make it perfect for narrow storage spaces. And the added comfort makes it suitable for extended periods of meditation or prayer.

Perfect for Kids and Adults

Whether for an adult seeking comfort during prayers or as a fun and supportive prayer mat for kids, this product meets the needs of all ages. Its extended size makes it an excellent choice for kids, providing them with a comfortable space for prayer or meditation.

3.    Muslim Prayer Mats and Beads with Bag- $16.99

Crafted from taffeta fabric, this prayer rug combines softness with durability, offering a welcoming space for spiritual practices. Its lightweight design, made in Turkey, ensures both quality and ease of transport. Thus, it is perfect for daily use or travel.

Elegant Design

Available in various colours and patterns, this rug features traditional designs that create a harmonious spiritual environment. The intricate patterns, complemented by a decorative border, add an element of beauty to your prayer sessions

Affordable Luxury

Offering the finest craftsmanship at an affordable price, this prayer rug represents incredible value. It’s a testament to the quality and dedication behind its creation. Thus, it is a meaningful addition to your prayer practice or as a thoughtful Islamic gift.

Complete Spiritual Gift

Including prayer beads, this set provides a complete spiritual package, perfect for personal use or as a gift. It’s an ideal way to express faith and devotion, making it a thoughtful and appreciated Islamic gift for any occasion.

4.    Muslim Prayer Mats with Carriage Bag by Mythog- $44.99

The Mythog Prayer Mat brings unparalleled luxury and durability to your prayer experience. It is expertly crafted with a blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Also, it offers a soft, plush sanctuary for your spiritual practice. The high pile construction ensures a cushioned support, enhancing the comfort of your prayers.

Convenience and Portability

We have designed these Muslim prayer mats with your convenience in mind. Lightweight and equipped with a free matching bag, it is perfect for believers on the move.

Pray Wherever You Are

Whether you’re travelling or simply moving from one room to another, this mat allows for effortless transport and storage. Hence, it ensures you can maintain your prayer routine wherever you are.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping your prayer mat in pristine condition is straightforward. It is machine washable at 86°F, and its fade-resistant hues stay vibrant wash after wash. This practical feature ensures your prayer rug remains a beautiful and enduring addition to your daily rituals.

5.    KHUSHU’ Plush Prayer Mat- $26.99

The KHUSHU’ plush Islamic prayer mats enhance your Salah by minimizing distractions. Made from luxurious velvet, it offers a plain, contemporary look that helps you focus.

Spacious and Non-Slip Design

Size matters when it comes to prayer mats, and the KHUSHU’ Plush Prayer Mat delivers. Measuring 51″ x 31″, it provides ample space for adults to prostrate without compromise. Additionally, its non-slip bottom ensures the mat stays in place on slippery surfaces, removing another potential distraction from your prayers.

Perfect Islamic Gift

Bundled with prayer beads and a pouch, these Muslim prayer mats make a thoughtful gift for loved ones. It is the best choice for various occasions like Eid, Ramadan, or other milestones. Moreover, its elegant design, combined with practical features, makes it a cherished item for any recipient.

Comfortable Prayer Experience

The soft, plush velvet and underlying 5 MM cotton layer provide gentle support for your ankles and knees. Therefore, it allows for a tranquil and comfortable prayer experience.

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