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Our latest addition, the Velvet Muslim prayer mat, is more than just a prayer mat; it’s a piece of art. This Islamic prayer mat deepens your connection with your faith. Soft, luxurious, and inviting, this prayer rug transforms every prayer into an experience of comfort and tranquillity.

Designed with you in mind, this portable Namaz carpet is not just a mat, but a symbol of your devotion. Easy to carry and stunning in design, it’s your sanctuary wherever you go. For the faithful in the UK, this Sajadah Mat is not just an accessory; it’s a companion in your spiritual journey.

Let it be a constant reminder of your commitment to your faith, a blend of tradition and convenience.

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Product Overview of Muslim Prayer Mat

Introducing the Tekbir Velvet Islamic Janamaz – a prayer rug that’s more than just a mat. It’s a gateway to a serene spiritual experience. Crafted with luxurious velvet, this prayer rug brings a touch of elegance to your daily prayers. Its premium quality material is not just soft to the touch but also a feast for the eyes. Moreover, it has designs of intricate Ottoman-inspired embroidery.

The rug’s size, a generous 110″ x 70″, offers ample space for comfort during prayer. Thus, it makes it suitable for all Muslims, regardless of age or size. Weighing just 885 grams, it’s incredibly lightweight and portable. It is perfect for daily commutes to the mosque or during the sacred journeys of Umrah and Hajj.

Moreover, the variety of colours – Aegean Blue, Green, Navy Blue, Onyx, and Teal – allows for personal expression.  Beyond its beauty and practicality, this padded prayer mat has a padded layer. Hence, it ensures your knees and feet enjoy comfort as you connect with your faith. It’s not just a prayer mat; it’s a companion in your spiritual journey, enhancing every prostration with elegance and ease.

 Ready for your home, office, or travels, this travel prayer mat is a testament to your dedication.

Product Specifications


Our interactive prayer mat consists of the finest velvet, giving it a luxurious, silky feel. The softness of the velvet invites you to immerse in prayer with complete comfort.

Size and Dimensions

Measuring a generous 110″ x 70″, this Muslim prayer rug offers ample space for your prayer needs. In addition, it is large enough for a comfortable experience yet compact for convenience.


At just 885 grams, it’s lightweight and ideal for carrying with ease. Its lightness adds to its portability

without compromising on quality.

Colour and Design

Available in Aegean Blue, Green, Navy Blue, Onyx, and Teal, each prayer mat for Muslims features an elegant Ottoman-inspired embroidery. Thus, it adds a touch of grace to your prayer space.

Texture and Comfort

The velvet’s softness combined with a padded layer offers unmatched comfort, ensuring your knees and feet are cushioned during prayer. This mat redefines comfort in devotion.

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Portable Prayer Mat

This prayer mat Islam is your perfect travel companion, whether you’re visiting the mosque or embarking on Umrah and Hajj. Moreover, it is perfect for mobility, easily rolled up and carried.

Its lightweight nature doesn’t compromise its function. You can effortlessly transport it from home to your place of worship or on your travels. Therefore, it ensures that you always have a sacred space for prayer.

Use and Versatility of Islamic Prayer Mat

Our prayer mat isn’t just for home use; it’s perfect for offices, mosques, or even outdoors. Its versatility knows no bounds, adapting to wherever your prayers take you.

It’s not just a prayer mat; it’s a portable sanctuary. Whether in a quiet corner at work or a serene spot in nature, this rug transforms any space into a place of worship.

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Durability and Maintenance

Crafted to last, the high-quality velvet and embroidery withstand regular use, retaining its beauty and function. This Muslim prayer mat has the purpose of being a lasting part of your spiritual journey.

Maintenance is a breeze. It’s easy to clean and store, ensuring it remains a pristine part of your prayer rituals for years to come.

Pricing and Shipping Details

Priced at just £14, it’s a bargain for quality. Click here to order now and enhance your prayer experience. Soft, durable, and beautifully designed for your comfort. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials and Reviews

  • Ayesha, London: “This luxury prayer mat transformed my daily prayers into something more meaningful. The comfort and design are unparalleled.”
  • Mohammed, Birmingham: “Traveling with this Islam prayer mat made my spiritual journey more fulfilling. It’s light, portable, and just beautiful.”
  • Fatima, Manchester: “I gifted this to my parents, and they loved it. The design and quality are impressive, and it’s very comfortable.”

FAQ Section

Q: Is the Muslim prayer mat machine washable?

A: We recommend hand washing to preserve the intricate embroidery and fabric quality of this Muslim prayer mat.

Q: Can it be used outdoors?

A: Absolutely! Its durable material is suitable for outdoor use.

Q: Is the mat suitable for all age groups?

A: Yes, its design and comfort are perfect for all Muslims, young and old.

Q: Does the colour fade over time?

A: The high-quality velvet ensures long-lasting colour vibrancy.

Q: Is the mat slip-resistant?

A: Yes, it features a non-slip base for safe use on various surfaces.

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