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Padded Prayer Mats for Ultimate Comfort | Wide Variety & Durable   


If you’re on the hunt for comfortable and supportive padded prayer mats, look no further. Our selection of thick prayer mats enhances your prayer experience with the ultimate comfort and support. Crafted with memory foam, these mats are a game-changer for those seeking relief during their prayer sessions. The memory foam works wonders by relieving pressure on your knees and back. Hence, it is easier to focus on your spiritual journey without discomfort.

We’ve thought about everyone’s needs, designing these mats in ideal sizes that offer a generous praying area. Whether you’re looking for different colours or unique designs, our selection has something to suit your taste and preferences.

1.    Mythog Luxury Woven and Padded Prayer Mats- $44.99

The Mythog brand introduces the luxury woven and thick prayer mats that stand out for their exceptional quality and comfort. Crafted with a blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this mat offers an unparalleled combination of durability and softness. The high pile construction ensures a plush feel underfoot, providing cushioned support that enhances your spiritual experience. Each prayer rug comes with a complimentary carriage bag. Hence, it is not only a luxury item but also a practical choice for the devout.

Available Colours

Features for Enhanced Prayer Experience

Durable Material

Expertly woven to ensure long-lasting use. It is easy to clean and maintain, designed with fade-resistant colours.

Ultimate Comfort

Soft luxury lining and cushioned support for an enhanced praying experience.

Convenient Portability

Includes a free matching bag for easy transport and storage.

2.    TAKVA Premium Prayer Mat – Royal Collection- $75.00

This memory foam prayer mat from the royal collection is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of Islamic prayer rugs. It is the first of its kind to offer customizable comfort. Also, it allows worshippers to adjust the level of firmness and density to their preference. The mat features a soft velvet top face and an anti-slip bottom, ensuring both comfort and stability during prayer.

Available Colours

Features of a Royal Prayer Experience

100% Washable

Easily maintain the cleanliness of your mat with fully machine-washable covers.

Customizable Padding

Choose your desired level of comfort with removable padding.

Elegant Design

Inspired by Islamic floral artistry, adding a touch of elegance to your prayer space. Moreover, it ensures the mat stays in place on polished floors.

3.    Islamika Store Thick Large Padded Prayer Mat- $29.98

The Islamika Store offers a thick lage padded prayer mat that elevates the standard of prayer rugs. It is popular among customers for its superior thickness and softness. This large prayer rug provides ample space and comfort for all users. It comes with Islamic prayer beads, making it an ideal gift for Eid, travel, or Ramadan.

Available Colours

Features for a Fulfilling Prayer

Thicker and Softer Padded Prayer Mats

Offers exceptional comfort for knees and forehead.

Luxury Gifts

Comes with Islamic prayer beads, perfect for Eid gifts.

Large Size

Provides a more comfortable and spacious area for prayer. Features a nice and sober pattern suitable for all.

4.    Sacred Artisans Padded Prayer Rug- -10% $44.00

These padded prayer mats offer an unmatched prayer experience with their 0.5-inch thick high-density foam padding. It provides supreme comfort and luxury, finished with high-end polyester fabric for long periods of use. Moreover, it’s a gift-ready option that embodies both tradition and luxury.

Available Colours in Padded Prayer Mats

Features of an Elevated Prayer Experience

Foam Padded

Ensures irresistible comfort and support. A deeply appreciated gesture, ideal for daily use.

Super Comfortable

Soft, fluffy, and designed for extended use.

Luxury Sizing

Spacious enough for men, women, and children.

5.    Islamika Very Thick Padded Prayer Mats- $34.99

These thick Islamic prayer mats offer a practical yet luxurious solution for daily prayers at home, the mosque, or travelling. Ensuring both durability and comfort, it also comes with Islamic prayer beads. Thus, it is an excellent gift for Eid or Ramadan.

Available Colours


Extra Thick Padding

Provides superior comfort for a more focused prayer. It enhances the spiritual ambience of any room.

Ideal for Gifts

Includes Islamic prayer beads as a thoughtful complement.

Large Dimensions

Offers ample space for a comfortable prayer posture.

6.    Islamika Thick Large Padded Sajadah Prayer Mat – $26.99

This thick large padded prayer mat is a perfect choice for your knees and forehead. It is a premium offering designed to provide a distraction-free prayer environment. This prayer mat is for those who seek a blend of comfort and simplicity in their prayer routine.

Available Colours

Key Features of a Serene Prayer Experience

Distraction-Free Design

Plain velvet material to keep focus solely on prayer. Generous sizing (47*31.5 inches) for a spacious and comfortable prayer area.

Enhanced Comfort

Thicker and softer than typical prayer rugs, with cotton padding for added support.

Ideal for Gifting

Comes with Islamic prayer beads, making it a perfect Eid, travel, or Ramadan gift.

7.    Thick Padded Prayer Mat with Luxury Kaaba Design- $55.99

These beautiful luxury thick padded prayer mats introduce an exquisite blend of style and functionality. Featuring a beautifully embroidered Kaaba pattern, the comfortable prayer mat collection offers both visual appeal and practicality. It protects your knees and forehead against hard surfaces.

Key Features of an Elevated Prayer Ambience

Embroidered Kaaba Design of Thick Padded Prayer Mats

Adds a spiritual and aesthetic touch to your prayer space.

Knee Protection

Medium pile height provides ample cushioning for prolonged prayers.

High-Quality Construction

Handmade needlepoint weave for durability and style.

Perfect Gift

Suitable for gifting due to its high quality and stylish design.

8.    Boyiee Padded Islamic Turkish Velvet Prayer Mats Set- $20.99

This collection of Turkish-styled padded prayer mats offers a thoughtful and practical ensemble for Ramadan. This set includes a soft and thick prayer rug, portable Muslim prayer beads, and a white-knit prayer hat. Hence, it covers all the essentials for a fulfilling prayer experience.

Key Features for a Complete Prayer Kit

Thoughtful Eid Gift Set

Includes a prayer rug, prayer beads, and a knit hat, making it a comprehensive gift for Ramadan. The prayer mat measures approximately 43.3 x 27.6 inches, is suitable for various ages and is easy to store or transport.

Quality and Comfort

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, the rug offers a soft, smooth surface that cushions the knees during prayer.

Elegant Design

Features a beautiful floral pattern in dark green with a moon and star theme, adding elegance and a touch of Ramadan spirit to your prayer space.

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