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Portable Prayer Mat for Travel & Home | Wide Variety & Designs  

Looking for a portable prayer mat that’s easy to take with you? We’ve got just what you need. These travel prayer mats are super light and fold up so small. Thus, you can pop them into your bag, suitcase, or even your pocket. Perfect for when you’re travelling, at work, or just out and about.

With these mats, you can keep up with your prayers no matter where you are. They’re great for busy folks or travellers who don’t want to miss their prayer times. And guess what? We’ve got lots of styles, colours, and designs.

They’re affordable, too, so you can pick one that fits your budget. No need to worry about finding a place to pray when you’re on the move. Our portable Islamic prayer mats make it easy to maintain your prayer routine anywhere, anytime. Keeping your faith close, no matter where you go, just got a whole lot easier.

1.    ABDEEZ Portable Travel Prayer Mats

The ABDEEZ Portable Travel Prayer Mat is a must-have for Muslims who are often on the move. Priced at an affordable $8.99, it comes in a practical black colour with green accents, making it suitable for both genders and all ages.

Perfect Dimensions

With dimensions of 60cm x 100cm, this prayer mat folds down to pocket size, making it incredibly easy to take with you wherever you go.

Easy to Carry Everywhere

Whether you’re travelling, heading to work, or even outdoors, this mat ensures you can always fulfil your prayer duties.

Waterproof & Easy to Clean

The mat’s polyester material is both waterproof and easy to clean, perfect for outdoor use or accidental spills.

Compass Included

A built-in compass and guide ensure you can find the Qibla direction from any location, adding convenience to your prayer routine.

Weighted Corners

Small iron plates at each corner prevent the mat from blowing away, a thoughtful detail for outdoor prayers.

Stylish and Practical

The classic black elegance of this mat appeals to those who appreciate a refined and focused atmosphere during their prayers. It’s not just a prayer mat; it’s a blend of functionality and spirituality.

2.    BAHĀ Portable Prayer Mat

Priced at $19.99, the BAHĀ pocket prayer mat is available in Black Gold, Navy Blue, and Terracotta colours, offering a stylish option for every user. It is sleek, functional, and designed for life on the go

Convenience Redefined

The mat’s standout feature is its attached elastic band, which allows for fast and easy storage without the need for a carry pouch.


Made from smooth, water-resistant polyester, this mat ensures a dry, clean prayer space under any conditions.


Super lightweight and compact, it fits easily into your pocket, making it perfect for travel, business trips, and outdoor adventures.

Aesthetic Appeal

With its minimalist design, the BAHĀ Islamic prayer mat serves as a tasteful gift for loved ones, reflecting a classic, timeless aesthetic suitable for all lifestyles.

Simplicity and Functionality Combined

This innovation speaks to the needs of the modern Muslim who values both simplicity and functionality.

Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

It is a perfect gift at various occasions for your loved ones.

3. BAHĀ Portable Prayer Mat (Moss Green, Slate Grey)

Offered at the same price of $19.99, this variant of travel prayer mat Islam comes in Moss Green and Slate Grey, providing options that blend seamlessly with natural surroundings.

A Touch of Nature in Your Spiritual Practice

It’s minimalist design and soothing colours make it an ideal companion for your spiritual journey.

Ease of Use

Like its counterpart, this travel prayer mat features an attached elastic band for effortless storage and transport. Its water-resistant fabric ensures a clean prayer space, anytime, anywhere.

Designed for the Outdoors

Perfect for the devout traveller, this mat is durable, thick, and long-lasting, despite its lightweight and compact size

4. Miss Tesettür Prayer Rug and Beads

For just $17.00, this set includes a soft Islamic prayer rug and beads, offering a complete prayer solution. Available in a variety of colours including Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gold, Grey, and Pink, there’s a style to suit every individual.

Quality and Comfort

Made of taffeta fabric, the rug is soft, welcoming, and durable, ensuring it will last through many prayers. It’s lightweight and easy to store, making it perfect for home use or travel.

Beautiful Designs

The variety of colours and patterns is based on traditional designs, allowing you to choose a rug that reflects your style. The finest materials and craftsmanship go into each rug, resulting in a product of incredible value.

The Perfect Islamic Gift

Including prayer beads, this set is a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to express their faith. It’s an ideal choice for personal use or sharing with loved ones, making every prayer moment special.

5. SAQENZA Muslim Prayer Rug

The SAQENZA Muslim Prayer Rug is a versatile and thoughtful companion for your prayer needs. At $20.99, this rug comes in elegant colours like black, dark blue, navy blue, and green, suitable for personal preference or as a perfect gift.

Easy to Carry Portable Prayer Mat

Comes with a high-quality bag for easy transport, ensuring your prayer rug is always within reach. Measuring 115cm x 68cm, this portable prayer mat provides ample space for comfortable prayer.

High-Quality Material

Crafted from premium Cotton Taffeta fabric, this rug promises durability and ease of cleaning. Ideal as a gift for Ramadan, Eid, or any special occasion, this prayer rug set includes prayer beads and is beautifully packaged in a perfect bag, reflecting thoughtfulness and care.

Portable and Premium

Embrace devotion anywhere with this beautiful and travel-friendly Islamic prayer mat with bag without any difficulties. SAQENZA is committed to quality and customer satisfaction, offering a risk-free purchase and dedicated support for any concerns.

6. NOURSSAD Luxury Velvet Muslim Prayer Mat

For $14.99, the NOURSSAD Luxury Velvet Muslim Prayer Mat brings a touch of elegance to your prayer time. Made from 100% premium velvet, it offers unmatched softness and comfort.


Lightweight and easy to carry, it’s designed for those who seek a peaceful prayer experience anywhere.

Fortress of the Muslim

Comes with a prayer booklet to guide and enhance your prayer practices. This mat not only provides a soft foundation for your prayers but also ensures a serene and focused prayer environment, suitable for home or travel use.

Portable Prayer Mat as an Ideal Gift

Elegantly packaged, this portable prayer mat serves as a perfect gift for Ramadan or Eid. Hence, it promotes the spirit of devotion among loved ones.

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