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Embark on a spiritual journey with Perfect Umrah’s prayer mat. Its soft, velvety touch invites tranquillity into your prayers. Vivid red, adorned with Mihrab designs, reflects your deep devotion. Crafted for comfort, every bead enhances your spiritual connection.

Feel the sacredness of Umrah and Hajj in your daily worship. Moreover, this mat isn’t just an item; it’s a piece of your faith journey. Bring a touch of the holy lands into your UK home. Experience a blend of luxury and spirituality, right where you pray. Let this prayer rug be your daily reminder of devotion and peace.

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Product Overview

Introducing the Takbir Muslim Prayer Rug: a fusion of luxury and devotion. Crafted in lush red velvet, it’s a prayer mat that transforms your spiritual practice. Measuring 110″ x 60″ inches, it’s not just a mat; it’s a sprawling canvas for your faith. Moreover, its lightweight design, weighing just 600 grams, makes it easy to carry, offering a portable sanctuary wherever you go. This Islamic prayer rug is a testament to modern Muslim living, where tradition meets contemporary elegance.

Designed to enhance every prayer, the Takbir mat is more than an accessory. This janamaz online is an invitation to connect with your faith, deeply and comfortably. Its size and weight are thoughtfully balanced, ensuring it’s a practical yet profound part of your daily worship. Also, this mat isn’t just about utility; it’s about enriching your spiritual journey, one prayer at a time.

Detailed Features of Islamic Prayer Mat

Material Quality

Crafted from the finest velvet, this portable prayer mat offers unparalleled softness. The rich texture and premium feel elevate your prayer experience, ensuring every touch is a reminder of luxury. The velvet’s quality isn’t just for show; it’s a durable material that withstands daily use. Thus, it makes your sacred moments last.


Comfort takes centre stage with this sajadah mat. The specially developed cushioning layer adds a gentle softness, caring for your feet and knees during long prayers. Moreover, this extra padding means you can focus more on your spiritual connection and less on physical discomfort. Prayer time becomes a moment of complete serenity and comfort.

Design and Aesthetics

The mat’s intricate Mihrab design, inspired by Ottoman architecture, is more than just decoration. It’s a visual journey into the heart of Islamic art. The embroidered prayer niche (Mihrab) creates a serene atmosphere, inviting a deeper connection during each prayer. The vibrant red colour and detailed patterns are a celebration of Islamic heritage, blending beautifully in any home. Moreover, it is available in a variety of colours.


Lightweight and easy to roll, this red prayer carpet is your portable prayer companion. Whether travelling, visiting the mosque, or finding a quiet corner at work, it’s always ready to accompany you. The ease of portability means your prayer space is wherever you are, ensuring you never miss a moment of devotion.


Maintaining the Muslim worship mat is effortless. Its high-quality velvet is not just soft but also easy to clean, ensuring it remains a pristine part of your prayer routine. Simple care keeps the mat looking as good as new, ready for each sacred use.

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Comfort and Durability of Prayer Mat Online

Every aspect of the Hajj and Umrah Islamic mat is for enduring comfort. The velvet surface is a gentle haven for your prayers, while the robust material ensures longevity. Moreover, this mat is built to last, accompanying you through countless prayers and moments of reflection. The padding doesn’t just offer immediate comfort; it’s a promise of enduring softness. Hence, it makes each prayer as comfortable as the last.

Durability meets comfort in this high-quality prayer mat online. Its purpose is to withstand the rigours of daily use while maintaining its plush, inviting texture. The mat’s resilience means it’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in your spiritual well-being. Its enduring quality ensures that your prayer experience remains consistently uplifting, day after day.

Spiritual Significance

This Islamic prayer rug is more than a physical object; it’s a spiritual gateway. Each prayer on this mat is a step closer to divine connection, a moment to immerse in deep peace. The intricate design and rich colour are constant reminders of the Islamic heritage. Hence, it bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary worship.

This jaenamaz online serves as a personal sanctuary, a sacred space in the comfort of your home. It’s a piece of the holy lands, brought to your doorstep, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of your prayers. Each use is not just a routine; it’s an opportunity to deepen your faith and connect with the divine.

User Reviews and Testimonials

  • Sarah, London: “The Takbir mat has transformed my prayer routine. Its comfort and beauty make every prayer special.”
  • Ahmed, Manchester: “I’ve used many online mats for prayer, but this one stands out. Its durability and design are exceptional.”
  • Fatima, Birmingham: “As someone who prays daily, this mat’s comfort has been a blessing. It’s like praying on a cloud.”

Pricing and Availability

Experience this blend of comfort and spirituality for just £16.00. This beaded prayer rug is a symbol of devotion and elegance and is now within reach. Available for immediate purchase, it’s a small price for a significant enhancement to your prayer experience. Embrace this affordable luxury, a worthy addition to your spiritual journey.

Shipping and Delivery

Ready to elevate your prayers? Click here to order your Takbir prayer mat. Quick and hassle-free, our delivery process ensures your new prayer companion arrives promptly. Whether you’re preparing for Ramadan, Eid, or daily worship, we’ve got you covered. Easy shipping, fast delivery – your Muslim prayer rug awaits.

FAQ Section

Q: How do I clean the prayer mat?

A: Gently hand wash or use a soft brush with mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals and hot water.

Q: Is the mat suitable for outdoor use?

A: Yes, it’s durable for outdoor use but avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

Q: Can the mat be used for travel?

A: Absolutely! Its lightweight and portable design makes it perfect for travel.

Q: Is the mat suitable for all ages?

A: Yes, its universal design and comfort make it ideal for Muslims of all ages.

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