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Premium Padded Prayer Mat UK | Comfortable & Durable Mats for Worship

Looking for a comfortable padded prayer mat UK? We’ve got you covered! Check out our wide selection of padded prayer mats here. They come in many designs, colours, and prices to suit your needs. Whether for Umrah, Hajj, or daily prayers, these mats offer great comfort and support. Find a mat that matches your style and enhances your prayer experience. Each listing has clear images and details to help you choose the best one. Get ready to pray in comfort and style!

1. Foldable Padded Prayer Mat with Backrest- $34.88

Discover a new level of comfort with the Empwrd Tawakul Foldable Prayer Mat. Designed with plush flannel, this mat offers a soft, cushioned feel, making each prayer session a serene experience. Its navy blue colour adds a touch of elegance to your spiritual practice.

Modern Convenience Meets Tradition

This prayer mat blends traditional values with modern functionality. It features a foldable design and comes with a tote bag for easy transportation, making it perfect for Jumah, Ramadan, Hajj, or Umrah. 

Durable and Timeless

Crafted to last, the Empwrd Tawakul prayer mat is as durable as it is stylish. The high-quality flannel ensures it can withstand regular use, making it a valuable companion for your spiritual journey.

Portable Spiritual Connection

Whether you’re travelling or at home, this foldable mat ensures you can maintain your daily prayers. Its lightweight design and easy portability mean you can carry your faith wherever you go. Offer the Empwrd Tawakul prayer mat as a thoughtful gift to family and friends.

2. Prayer Rug Muslim Mat Islamic- $29.98

This padded prayer mat UK offers an exceptionally thick and soft surface, crafted from high-quality cotton. Its large size ensures it is suitable for men, women, and children, providing ample space for comfortable prayer.

Ideal for Every Occasion

Perfect for Eid, travel, or Ramadan, this prayer mat comes with Islamic prayer beads, making it an excellent gift for any devout Muslim. Its luxurious feel and practical design make it a favourite for daily use.

Elegant and Functional Design

Featuring a plain weave and a sober pattern, the mat’s design is both beautiful and functional. It supports the knees and forehead during prayer, ensuring every prostration is comfortable.

Large and Comfortable

With dimensions of 47 inches by 31.5 inches, this prayer mat is larger than most, offering extra comfort and space for prayer. Its padded cotton construction enhances the comfort, making each prayer session a soothing experience.

3. Sacred Artisans Padded Prayer Mat UK- $44.00

The Sacred Artisans Padded Prayer Rug is the epitome of comfort. Made from high-end polyester and padded with half an inch of high-density foam, it offers a plush and soft surface for prayer.

Generously Sized

Measuring 46 inches in length and 28 inches in width, this large prayer mat provides a spacious area for prayer. It is designed to accommodate men, women, and even children, making it versatile for any user.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Each Sacred Artisans prayer mat is handcrafted in Turkey. From measuring to stitching, every step is done by skilled artisans, ensuring a product of the highest quality.


This prayer rug comes in gift-ready packaging, complete with a ‘Gift of Prayer’ card. It’s an ideal present for loved ones, reflecting thoughtfulness and care. Designed for daily use, the rug’s luxurious polyester fabric and thick foam create a soft yet supportive surface that makes daily prayers more enjoyable and fulfilling.

4. Islamika Thick and Padded Prayer Mat UK

Introducing the Islamika Thick Prayer Rug Sajadah, crafted from high-quality cotton for supreme softness and durability. This prayer rug is designed to offer both comfort and long-lasting use, perfect for kids, men, and women. With customer ratings soaring high in value for money, softness, and durability, it’s clear this rug is a favourite among users.

Enhanced Prayer Experience

Each prayer on this rug feels more meaningful thanks to its medium pile height, which provides the right balance of cushioning and firmness. It’s an ideal choice for daily prayers, as well as special occasions like Eid and Ramadan.

Travel-Friendly Design

This prayer rug is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for travel or outdoor use. Whether you’re visiting the mosque or celebrating Eid away from home, you can easily bring this comforting piece of your faith with you.

Gift of Comfort

Accompanied by Islam Prayer Beads, this prayer rug makes an excellent gift for loved ones during religious celebrations. Its elegance and utility make it a thoughtful and appreciated present.

5. Ultra Comfortable Padded Prayer Mat- $34.99

The Ultra Comfortable Padded Prayer Mat UK is designed to revolutionize your prayer sessions. Featuring 1.7 inches of memory foam, this mat provides exceptional comfort and support, particularly during long periods of kneeling. The added backrest supports your posture, allowing for a more focused and relaxing prayer experience.

Compact and Lightweight

Crafted for convenience, this prayer mat is both compact and lightweight. It folds easily, fitting into bags and luggage without taking up much space. This makes it an ideal choice for those who need a prayer mat on the go, whether travelling to the mosque, workplace, or abroad.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Using premium materials, this prayer mat is built to last. It’s designed to withstand regular use and is easy to clean, ensuring it remains a valuable part of your prayer routine for years to come. We stand behind our product, ensuring each prayer mat meets high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Versatile and Practical

Whether used indoors or out, the Ultra Comfortable Padded Prayer Mat adapts to your needs. Its design is suitable for various settings, ensuring you can maintain your spiritual practices in any environment. Ideal for Eid, Ramzan, or as a heartfelt gift, this prayer mat combines functionality with luxury.