Ramadan Umrah Packages 2020

Book Ramadan Umrah Packages 2020 Check => Umrah Packages  Umrah is a scared visit to the Ka’bah, the house of Allah in Mecca. It is not compulsory but highly recommended due to the fact that it is a Sunnah. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, ‘’ The reward of Hajj is Paradise and the atonement of any sin is Umrah.’’ Ramadan is a very scared month of the Islamic calendar thus many people prefer to perform an Umrah in this Holy month. It is a month in which Muslims try their best to gain as much reward as possible and atone for their sins which is why performing an Umrah becomes their desire. They want to be close to Allah Almighty during this sacred month and what better way is there than going to the house of Allah Almighty, The Ka’bah. Check Out All Umrah Packages =>  https://cheapestumrahpackages.co.uk/ The month of Ramadan is a very high travelling season. Thousands of Muslims from around the world want to visit the scared cities of Mecca and Medina and perform the holy pilgrimage, the Umrah. Ramadan is a spiritual and blessed month of the Islamic calendar. Due to the high demand the prices of the Umrah packages go very high but we www. cheapestumrahpackages.co.uk/ provides you with the cheapest and the most affordable Umrah Packages for the month of Ramadan. Our team is highly skilled and coordinated and works side by side with you to provide you with the best experience of your life. You can have any kind of package that you require, edit your package and get your desires full filled. Our aim is satisfy your needs and help you full fill your dream. The package includes; Accommodation Visa Transportation Visit to Holy sites in Mecca and Medina Suhoor and Iftar Flights if you require Cost of the package in Ramadan The cost depends upon certain aspects of your package such as the type of accommodation that you desire, whether you want to include the plane tickets in the package, the number of people applying for the package, the visits to the scared and popular sites of Mecca and Medina and so on. The more components you add to your package the more the prices go high. The average price of the package for the whole month of Ramadan is about £2500. Ramadan Umrah Visa requirements There are certain requirements that the applicants must fill in at the time of applying for the visa. These set of rules and regulations are controlled by the government of Saudi Arabia. Out team assist you throughout the process and takes care of the requirements and the process for you. Requirements Signed application form by the applicant Two recent passport sized pictures A meningitis immunization certificate. Women and Children must be accompanied by their Mehrams A non-UK resident must hold a permanent residency certificate The passport should be valid for 6 months at the time of application. Check Out Details of Our =>  Umrah Visa Service  Why choose us? Our aim is not to make money but to give our customers the time of their life. We want to help our customers connect with Allah Almighty and complete their goal. We provide you the best value of your money and deliver on our promise.