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Things to Consider While Comparing Umrah Packages Providers:

First we would like address this common myth in general public, that most of umrah agents have similar service and only differentiating factor is price. We will request you to change your perception if you have similar ideas about travel agents.  You can always look clear indications that differentiate them for each other by asking the right questions and by reverse check-up of  their track-records.

Check for Proven Track Record:

The unfortunate fact in this industry is that every second website you will come across would claim to be number-one in industry, and would claim to be serving since 10-15 years. But when you look at their website registration records most of them are not even one year old. Ask yourself, will you trust on someone for this journey who lies and does false claims about themselves?

Tip 1 => Background Check is Vital:

Always check whois record of the website of agent, before making any payment.

Check Previous Client’s Reviews:

Isn’t it should be a common sense that any agents who claims to be in the industry for very long  span of time and claimed to have served thousands of pilgrims must have some good reviews neutral reviews from clients on review sites?

Tip 2 => Check Company Reviews:

Always check reviews of agent before committing with them. Simply enter this search string in google “Company Name + Reviews”.  For Example in our case you should check “Perfect Umrah Reviews” or “ Reviews”.

Tip 2A =>  Useful Technique to hunt for Reviews :

Even if you start your basic search by entering terms likes “Umrah Reviews” or “Umrah Packages Reviews”. To See what people have said about some umrah companies.

Tip 2B => Validate Reviews :

While checking reviews try to differentiate between original customer-written neutral reviews and mass-generated fake reviews with the help of marketing agencies.

Check what Vendors your Agent is using?

By vendors we mean the Saudi hotels and transport companies agents buy from to make an umrah package. Customer who focus only price always ignore this fact that companies who claim to have cheapest prices often care less about the quality and the credibility of the Saudi Vendor they are buying from. Because they always need to make cheapest package as this is what customer is mostly concerned about.

Fact of the matter is that most of Saudi vendor do have lot of issues. This is the reason we get to read stories like, when pilgrim landed at Jeddah no one showed up to pick them up from airport to hotels. Also when they reached hotels they found out there booking was not confirmed or it was changed to some-other hotel due to any odd reason or in some cases hotels was not at the standard of rating as promised by agent.

Tip 3 => Take Contact Details of Saudi Transporter:

Always ask for contact details of driver who is supposed to pick you up from airport and make sure you talk to them at least once before you leave and make sure they will be there well in-time to pick you up.

Tip 3A => Take Contact Details of Hotels and Reconfirm Booking:

Always ask for the hotel confirmation numbers and hotel contact numbers. If your agent is not able to give you hotels contact you can google it most of Saudi Hotels have their contacts online. Make sure you call up the hotel once before traveling and double check if they have your confirm booking as per that booking reference.

What Perfect Umrah Company Stands For?

Perfect Umrah is the company that wants to educate aspired pilgrims to increase awareness about umrah agents to promote quality and transparency in Hajj and Umrah travel.  Even with the information we have shared with you, insha-Allah if you followed our advice and scrutinized the agents you are considering right now on the basis of our tips or checklist :), you will make right choices and insha-Allah will have very peaceful journey. Here we will advise you should always be willing to ignore some small hiccups along the way and should not blame agents if they didn’t made any intentional or irresponsible mistake.  For this effort only in return we ask for prayers for our team at the time while you are standing infront of Kabaah and Masjid Nabwi.

If you decided to give our services a try. We can rest assure you we consider each and everything we have mentioned. We try to deliver to our promises, We use tried and tested vendors we try to keep our margin to very minimal to stay competitive in the market even after using some more expense quality vendors in Saudi.

bellow are some salient features of our service and we do encourage you to check out our reviews from previous clients who bought Umrah Packages from us and already used our service to know what we are known for Alhumdolillah.

  • Most competitive Prices on all Umrah Packages related Services
  • We deliver on our promises
  • Transparent with our clients.
  • Try to provide best value for their money.
  • ATOL protected.
  • Great track record and excellent reviews from our previous clients.

We are not No1 Company by any statistical measure:

Even though we are sending around 1000 pilgrims every umrah season since last 5-6 years Alhumdolillah.

We are not No1 in Umrah Package Providers, so why go with us?

We try harder.

(When you are not the biggest, you have to.)

We just can’t afford unhappy customers. Or careless attitude from our team. Or using unreliable vendors.

Obviously the things we try hardest for is just to be nice, to start you with pleasant greetings, to show keen interest in making most suitable umrah package in your budget. To make bookings with reliable vendors.


Because we can’t take you for granted, go with us. The line at our counter is shorter.

Little info on Umrah season 2017 and Umrah 2018

So now when we have made our case to be selected as the company of your choice for all you umrah service needs, we would like to give you some information on Umrah Season 2017-2018, when prices are going to be cheap? And when you should expect higher prices?

Re-opening of Umrah 2017-2018

This year umrah is expected to reopen early. so hopefully it should start in the month of moharam, which is starting from 21 Sep. But if not then definitely will start in the month of ‘Safr’.  But you should book your flight after consulting our agents. Dates after 15 November seem pretty safe as it will allow sufficient time for visa processing after re-opening of umrah visa processing.

Umrah Travel from months of  November and December 2017

Umrah travel will be at its highest in November, December. Specially in December more people tend to travel due to holidays. You should look to book your umrah package early for this period as later prices go very high.

Traveling Between January – February 2018

If you wish to travel for umrah between (January-February). You can get cheapest possible prices. You should always book your flight well in advance as usually flight prices keep on increasing as you approach near to your travel dates.

Easter Holidays Umrah Packages 2018

Easter holidays season is also higher traveling season for Umrah pilgrims of UK. It is due to Easter holidays from schools and offices. So if you are planning to travel for umrah in Easter holidays. You should expect slightly higher prices than normal due to high demand. But planning early and booking your flights and hotels well in advance can safe you lot of money and you can perform your umrah in a reasonable budget.

 Ramadan Umrah Packages 2018

Ramadan Umrah is usually very high traveling season; everybody wants to visit holy Makkah and Madinah in the blessed and most spiritual month of Ramadan. Due to highest demand prices go almost double the normal prices. So here again our suggestion would be planning early and manage to book you flights and hotels when they are at reasonable prices.

Traveling in the Month on Shawal

This year pilgrim can travel right after Eid ul Fitr, for whole month of Shawal. So if you missed the opportunity in Ramadan due to high prices you can travel after ramadan in the month of Shawal. After that umrah season will be closed for Hajj season. That means practically you can travel for umrah until  July 2017

Types of Packages

There are mainly two trends for traveling for umrah.

Umrah Groups

Some people prefer traveling in the company of other fellow pilgrims under guidance of religious scholars and groups leaders. There are some advantages and some disadvantages to this approach


  • Proper guidance.
  • Opportunity to learn and network with other brothers and sisters.
  • Usually prices are cheaper especially in high seasons.

Dis advantages

  • Dates are always fixed
  • You will have to follow a traveling plan or itinerary by group organizers.
  •  Standard of services provided for all pilgrims is usually same, you can’t ask for upgrade.

Our Umrah Groups:

We organize groups 3-4 times in an umrah Season.

December Umrah Group:

Our first group usually travels right after umrah season start. This year our first group is traveling in mid-December.

February 2018 Umrah Group:

Our second group usually travels in February when prices are cheaper.

Easter Holidays  2018 Umrah Group:

Our Third group travels in Easter Holidays.

Ramadan 2018 Umrah  Group:

Our forth group travels in Ramadan every year.

Tailor-made Umrah Packages:

Tailor-made packages are the ones you can make according to your requirements. The good thing about tailor-made umrah packages is that you can choose your desired travel dates, airline, hotels and all others services.  We can make a custom package for you after discussing your travel plan and requirements with you. We deal with all major airlines that travel to Saudi Arabia from UK, all Makkah and Madinah Hotels and very reliable transport sources.

All-inclusive package (Umrah Packages including flights)

In All-inclusive package you get all required facilities from Visa, Flight, Hotels and Transport.

Umrah Packages without flights.

You need  Umrah packages without flights? we have best options fr you. In some cases customer approach us when they already have purchased their flight ticket and they want us to book their hotels, transport and get their Umrah Visa done.

Umrah Visa Service:

In some cases when customer come to us when they have already purchased their tickets even hotel and transport and they only need our help in Visa processing. We do offer Umrah visa only service as well but we will demand ticket copy and hotel vouchers from clients as its mandatory for umrah visa. We have alhumdolillah helped some clients in situations where other agents refused to take  their passport for visa due to shortage of visas or high season.

Umrah Flights:

Being deeply connected in the Umrah Industry gives us opportunity to  receive special deals from all airlines on umrah flights. So if you need discounted flight tickets for Umrah flights we can surely help you.

Umrah Transportation Services:

Our Umrah transport company in Saudi Arabia is alhumdolilah very reliable and in last season we have not received any compliant from our client on our transport service. Our drivers are very punctual on and disciplined.

Umrah Packages from all cities of UK:

Offering Umrah packages from all cities of UK , London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, even best prices from Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Dar ul Eimaan one of the most reputable company for Umrah Services in Saudi Arabia, has awarded us “Best Performance Award” for last three consecutive years.

Best Performance Award 2014:
Umrah Packages Award
Top Performance Award 2015:

cheap umrah packages award

 Performance Award 2016:

umrah packages 2018


*Below are some Example Umrah Packages 2017-2018. These should be taken as examples only package, We are not limited to only these packages. We tailor all type of packages as per client’s requirement. 


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