Umrah Packages Birmingham

Click To SEE Umrah Packages Birmingham Perfect Umrah Team Alhumdolillah serves hundreds of Brothers and sisters from Birmingham. Umrah is a Holy Ibadah that is highly recommended in Islam. It is the utmost desire of every Muslim around the globe to go perform Umrah. It is said that the person who steps out in the path of Umrah is considered as a pilgrim until he reaches home. Muslims consider Umrah as an opportunity to gain reward from Allah Almighty. The cat of Umrah cleanses one’s soul and purifies him from the sins that he has committed in the past. Muslims spent their wealth in worshipping Allah thus Umrah also prevents poverty and gives a prosperous life to its performer. Packages If you are a resident of Birmingham and what to go visit the scared cities of Mecca and Medina for the sake of performing Umrah then you are at the right place. We offer the cheapest Umrah packages in the United Kingdom. The packages depend upon the duration of your stay and the luxuries that you require. Following are some of the packages we offer; Umrah packages from Birmingham 2018 – 2019 3 Star Umrah Package 7 & 10 Nights (October, November, December 2018, January, February, March 2019) 4 Star Umrah package 7 & 10 Nights (October, November, December 2018, January, February, March 2019) 5 Star Umrah Package 7 & 10 Nights (October, November, December 2018, January, February, March 2019) Tailor Your Own Package You can also tailor your own packages by putting in what you require. This could include tours guides and urgent visa. You can choose the hotels of your choice as our company works in the name of trust thus have partnered up with hoteling agencies in Saudi Kingdom. Requirements for Umrah The basic requirements for performing Umrah are quite straight forward and easy to fulfill. Our company goes through all the channels and fulfills your requirements step by step without any hassle or misunderstanding. We ensure all your arrangements in Mecca and Medina beforehand so that you don’t have to face any difficulty. Following are the basic requirements; European Passport holders must show some form of residency proof A complete visit visa plan for the family Booked E tickets and accommodation Marriage certificate as a proof of mehrem The Saudi government can ask for any kind of documentation thus the individual should carry them with him or her throughout his visit. Cost for Umrah Packages from Birmingham The cost of the visit from Birmingham to Mecca and Medina and back, including the cost of living and traveling would in total range from £800 to £1000. The prices vary because of the cost of the flights, type of accommodation, transportation, visits to historical places in Mecca and Medina and other luxuries. About the Company Alhumdulillah we have a great track record with satisfied customers. We deliver you the best of packages in whole of the Birmingham. Our prices are the cheapest thus accommodate all sorts of customers. Our packages cater the need of every single individual and our highly experienced staff members work with you step by step throughout the process. Umrah Visa