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Do you need any assistance in Umrah Visa Processing? If you are looking for a hassle free reliable Umrah Visa processing Service then we can help you. We do umrah visas from UK on very reasonable Fees with fast processing time. Umrah Visa is Expected to Start with-in first week of September 2019. Read below to know umrah visa requirements. We recommend you Speak to Our Team to Understand them better and reserve your Umrah Visa Processing on discounted Charges. Umrah Visa Requirements:  1. Six Months Valid Passport. 2. 2 Passport Size Photos with white or blue background. 3. Vaccination (Meningitis ACWY) Certificate. (This one is optional; if you don’t want you can leave it.) 4. Issued Airline Tickets and Hotels Confirmations (Again this one is optional, we should be able to get you visa without them as well) 5. People who have a Non-Muslim name would be needed to submit a certificate from a religious centre or mosque along their application to certify that they are Muslims. 6. If the applicant is not the resident of Britain but is applying from Britain, he/she should submit a valid residency permit (BIO Metric Card) along with their passport. 7. Women below the age of 45 are not allowed to travel alone without their mahram, and the proof of relationship with the mahram such be attached with visa in such cases. If a woman is above 45-years of age, she can perform Umrah without her mahram but she will be needed to travel in a group and should attach an NOC (no objection certificate) from her mahram. 8. To become a mehram age limit start from minimum 17 Years as per new rule. 9. According to the Saudi government, a person or a group cannot apply for the Umrah visa on their own and it is absolutely necessary that they should acquire the services of a certified Umrah travelling company to get their Umrah visa. 10. The mahram should travel in and out of Saudi Arabia with his wife and children on the same flight. 11. Children who are younger than 18 years of age could not be issued an Umrah visa unless they are accompanied by elder members of the family. 12. Children who are one or one plus years old must have their photograph affixed to the passport and endorsed by the authorities concerned. Their photo must also be affixed to the application form. Parents are however advised to make separate passports for all their children. 13. People with Umrah visas can enter and leave Saudi Arabia only through Madinah and Jeddah airports. 14. If a person holds a valid visit or business visa to Saudi Arabia, he cannot apply for Umrah visa. 15. People who are in the UK with visit visa are not eligible to apply for Umrah visa. 16. The Umrah visa is valid for 30 days, Once Visa is Issued you will have 30 days to Enter Saudi Arabia and 30 days to stay in Saudi Arabia. This Validity Sometimes reduces to 15 days by Saudi Hajj Ministry in the months of Shaban and Ramadan. Please consult our agents before booking your flight Specially if you wish to travel in the months of, Shaban and Ramadan. 17. People who have travelled to Saudi Arabia After 21, September 2017 for Umrah, have taxes imposed on them by the Saudi government of up to £435 per person including children. 18. Umrah visitors are advised not to take any material like pictures, posters or writings of a political nature or for propaganda purposes with them and respect the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia. Embassy Fees on Repeat Umrah Travellers The second-time visitors in the same year or  two umrah seasons (1439H – 1440H) ( will have to pay Umrah visa fee of SR 2000 (£435) plus our processing charges.  Commonly Asked Questions About Umrah Visa When Umrah Visa Opens? Umrah Visa Opens is each Islamci month of Moharam and closes at the end of Ramdan. How much Umrah Visa Costs? Umrah Visa Costs around £57 – £75 is normal months price goes slightly high in month of Ramadan. How much is repeat Umrah Entry Fee? It costs 2000 SAR (£435) for repeat Umrah travellers. Is Umrah Visa Free? Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah don’t charge any fee for Umrah visa but visa processing agent charge there processing fees. Can i get Umrah Visa with out Agent? No you will have to go through an agent to get umrah Visa. Umrah Visa can not be obtained by individuals, it can be only applied through a Licensed umrah agent. Is Umrah Visa multiple entry? No Umrah Visa is single entry. How much is umrah visa validity? Umrah visa is 30 days valid. Can Umrah Visa be extended? No Umrah Visa can not be extended. Can i get only Umrah Visa with out Umrah Package? Yes you can get Umrah Visa only and Our Team can help you with that. How long it takes to get umrah visa done? We ask for around 7-10 working days to complete Umrah Visa processing. Do i need to get Umrah Vaccination done before applying for Umrah Visa? No Umrah Visa processing can be done with out vaccination certificate. What are Umrah Visa Requirements? You need to provide us a six month Valid passport and two photos for Umrah Visa processing. How can I get Umrah visa? You would need help of an approved umrah agent to get umrah visa. What is the cost for Umrah visa? There is no Embassy fee for first time umrah visit, only you need to pay visa processing agent’s processing charges. If you wanted to go on umrah second time within three Islamic years, then there will be a fee of 2000 Saudi Riyals from Saudi Government.  What is required for Umrah visa? Your Six month valid passport. Two Passport Size Photos. Meningitis vaccination Certificate. Your Complete Itinerary including your flight and hotel booking details. Can I travel to … Continue reading umrah visa uk